While we are busy saying nice things about each other and about Birkenhead, it occurs to me that one very important character has been left out. Andy Trewin was the man responsible for keeping the British Footy class together and functioning as an organisation while I was in hospital. Given the fact that, apart from the register, virtually everything existed in my head, this is no mean feat.

In recognition of the class’s esteem and appreciation, I have taken it upon myself to override Andy’s authority as registrar and allocate him the two sail numbers he would most dearly love to have – 507 and 512 for him and his son.

Please note – this does not override the general principle that sail numbers are allocated pretty much as they come. To get a particular number or one that is ‘out of series’, you have to do something pretty special. Beating that damned Duck would be a good start!:zbeer::slight_smile:

Here, here!
Andy… good man for stepping into the void which Angus left.
It was quite a large one :stuck_out_tongue:


Well said

Angus ~ on be half of Alistair and my self thank you.
I did wear out my crystal ball during that episode

Good job Andy.

Not an easy task, picking up the batton, even better that you did it with your usual cheerful smile. I thank you also for keeping us all updated re: Angus’s condition during his time in hospital. It’s greatly appreciated.



Great job, herding the cats while Angus was hors-de-combat and did anyone mention your irrepressible cheerfullness?

Thanks too for publishing the results of Birkenhead and the only pictures I have seen of the proceedings - you are a veritable catalyst!

Now if we could inveigle Alistair and my Angus to play (should we disguise Trannies as playstation controllers?, or Wii thingies?) we could give Gary a run for his money.