Andy McCullough contact details or Route 9 plans?

Recently read an Andy McCulloch article and in it is mentioned plans for a ply box cat he drew called Route 9. It mentioned the plans were available from Andy, I’ve tried hunting him down and all the email addys I have are dead.

Anyone have contact details for Andy or any info on Route 9?



I lost all contact with Andy when he woound up being transferred overseas for ORANGE Telecom. I had managed a couple of emails, and then he was gone. You can try Anthony “Ant” Wright who is trying to rebuild the BMMA since the recent death of Mike Howell. His email address is: apolbotserv [at]

Another alternative might be to try Traplet Publications. You could use the SNAP DRAGON plans and just scale up/enlarge to 2 Meters. I don’t recall the size of ROUTE 9, but the SNAP DRAGON is already a Mini40 at 1.2 meter size.

Just some thoughts. Good luck - if you do find a connection with Andy, please PM me?

Hi Dick
Saw your email to me on my mailwasher, but somehow it disappeared somewhere between there and my inbox!!??

Any way the multihull page is back with the links you wanted.

Multihull Page


Awwww Geeze ----- WHAT A GUY, you are !!

Thanks so much Alan. Wasn’t sure of your plans with the multi up for sale. I’ve passed on the sale info to a few New Zealnd interests, but never heard back. Have a fellow in Singapore looking for the plans so will email him and advise they are out there. Will also download here and drop to a CD for future.

Take care, and again – thanks so very much. With regards. “D”

Hi there Dick, my brother and me have already start construction of the Ghost Train. Not much though but its a start :stuck_out_tongue:

Great to hear of a possible fleet addition.

Would you mind adding your physical location to your profile - at least state name if in US so others living nearby might have opportunity to connect/contact you if they should have a building interest?

Would also suggest same to all - it can be helpful if one sees a nearby sailor - if nothing more, for coffee and r/c sialing conversation.


Ok there you go, we’re from Singapore.

This boat will be built to conform to F48 specs. Sails just came in from Carr Sails and its massive! My brother and me were looking at it and we really started wondering if its too over powering and whether the RMG 380 will be able to handle the load :confused:


The servo should be up to the task - remember - you (probably) ordered the large suit of sails - so you won’t be sailing in any heavy winds. You can always buy some rip-stop fabric (nylon or polyester) and cut some smaller sized single panel sails for different wind strengths. Besides for the start, small sail are much better and more forgiving than the big suit. Rod makes tremendous quality sails, but using the sail dimensions included in the plans allows you to cut foot and luff sizes and then just free-form the leech curve.

I wouldn’t suggest using a “fat-head” main until you have boat handling skills under control and feel experienced. They look neat, but are harder to tune. See my avitar and keep the main roach low in the profile for starters.

Good luck - and thanks for adding your location.


Thanks for the advice Dick, yes I think we will cut a smaller suit of sails for days with really strong wind.

Wind over here is typically between 5 to 15 knots max, during the monsoon then it may blow past 15 knots.


The Ghost Train was produced by Andy McCulloch back in 1994, I helped with the final design and then produced a set of moulds for the boat.

Two complete boats were produced from the mould and sailed by Andy and myself, using rigs and sails produced by Andy.

The result was two identical boats that where fast to sail around a course, but needed to by sailed properly all the time. If you did not pay attention you would find the model upside down!!! That said they were very nice boats to sail.

I still have my Ghost Train (GBR44), and so far have achieved a top speed of 10.6knots ( recorded on a GPS ). The boat still wins races even though it is now 12years old.

The British Model Multihull Association is still going strong in the UK with 7 meetings a year, and an increasing membership. The contact for the BMMA is a chap called Robbie Nevitt (bmma(at) or through to MYA website. Andy Wight is no longer a member of the BMMA.

Mike, do you know what ever happened to the Ghost Train molds?


Hello Mike -

Very excited to see you “pop” up. Heard many good things about you from Mike Howell, as we corresponded very often. Too bad we lost his experience.

As you may be aware, I was spearheading the class over here in the US. We wanted to use the Mini40 rules but update them and remove a few inconsistencies. The French “smacked” us down and there were discussions of legal issues and copyright infringement - just with our efforts to update things. Thus we were kind of forced to create the F-48 Class - using most of the Mini40 stuff - but with a few changes. Took a lot of “heat” on that one, but eventually most had explanations and examples why.

I recently received permission from Mike Friend (wow - a lot of Mike’s over there!) to distribute his PULSE plans here in the US. It also is a kind of “box” hulls making for an easy to build boat.

Sure would like it if you would be willing to watch, post and provide insight with your experiences. Right now, I am aware of the following plans for multihulls:


all either free and available on the net, or by purchase from Traplet Publications. In addition, Andy’s 2 Meter boat is also available from Traplet. It is the MIDNIGHT OIL design. Haven’t heard of seen much new stuff being designed or available. There are a few German plans out there, and I have to think the French must be developing new designs too. I have been watching Pierre Gonnett (sp?) site, but nothing new there.

It is also evident that some of the UK folks have been fooling with the 1 Meter multihull class, but with so much limited activity around the world, the class just doesn’t want to take off in a big way. From a personal view, I think it will take a few folks to build and sail their boats as demos at various events to start to build interest. Over here, Clyde (will hold on his last name for now) has built and is sailing an F-48 of the NIGHTMARE design which had been heavily promoted in early 2000 – 2001 from an Austrian builder. Molds eventually wound up being built over here, and Clyde’s boat was one of only a few built. Another one started in Arizona, went to Hawaii, and then to Australia. MicroSAIL tried to push a foiler, but it was too big for the class, and they (he) had plans to have a 1.2 meter boat, but never saw any of them sold – or sailing.

Anyway – thanks for stopping in, welcome, and I look forward to your continued participation and sharing of experiences.

Dick Lemke

Nice to hear from you Dick. Just came across the site whilst looking for something else and thought my posting might clarify some details. The guys in the UK are currently demo-ing at several venues throughout the year. When I have a bit more time I’ll try and post some photos of the boats sailing here and recent developments however work is mad at the moment. Will keep an eye out for future postings.

Mitch, I do still have some of the moulds for the ghost train but unfortunately they are in a state of disrepair. But if I can help in any way then please ask!

Regards to both of you


Hi all,

For some video of model multihulls sail in the UK have a look at and search for either BMMA or model multihull.
For some pictures have a look at and search for BMMA, then have a look in the members photo albums.




excuse for my english
I see in the British Model Multihull Association website some picture of your GBR44 ghost train and I need some help because I try to make a ghost train and where have you your mast, your boom and all about the sail for your ghost train?

Thanks a lot