An Introduction

Hello Gentlemen,

I was introduced to the Model Yacht Scene, by my father, back in the 60sand 70s. I spent countless hours just hanging out in the workshop with him as a teen. Watching and learning from his projects. How to handle tools, etc… A lot has changed since then, but a few things still remain the same. Build them Light, Simple, and just strong enough to get the job done. I still subscribe to those parameters.
I currently own a fleet of various One Design Boats, most of them built by me with one purchased and reworked. I have been out of the Model Yachting Scene for around ten years and will attempt to re-enter into the fray.
At some point, I would like to purchase an IOM. Whatever flavor of the month at that time, weather it be a Chines,V8,Britpop,Fractal, etc. and most suited for the General Area I will sail in which will most likely be Region 6 of the AMYA.
Well that’s probably more than anyone really cares to read lol, so I say, see you around the boards and possibly on the water.