AMYA website

I have been trying to get onto the website, and for the past several days. I have not been able to load the pages. I even try to ping the site and I get no reply. I think the amya website is down. I was wondering if any one else was having the same trouble. This way I can rule out an user error on my part, if others are having the same problem.

IT’s them, not you. They are down.

same…they are down

I hve gotten through using the following url:

I have no idea if it is the new, old or what?

having the same problem. Can’t read the site

if they changed url, could have told us :tophat:

I got an email at work today with the change.

When I tried, I went right in. I’m surprised they don’t/didn’t do a URL forwarding from the old URL to the new.

the following “IS” the new URL so you may all want to make changes to your “favorites” lists.

Today I was able to get to the AMYA site using both URL, and What ever the problem was it appears to be fix at this time.