AMYA RG65 Page Incorrect

The RG65 page on the AMYA Web site is currently incorrect. If you want a complete and correct copy of the Class rules, please go to the USA NCA/COA page at:

Also, the electronic registration for RG65 on the AMYA page is currently inoperative. If you wish to register and get a sail number, please email

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and will post an update when the situation is corrected.



Hi Earl -

as long as you are “tilting with windmills” - here is another AMYA web page that still appears to be out of date — not that anyone is counting, you understand.

Perhaps time to press AMYA for a new webmaster that can keep the website up to date - so when we send new (potential) members, the information is updated and correct? Then again, this [] site seems to be kept up to date faster and more accurately. :wink: