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As Bill intents to publish his new design in the AMYA magazine is there any way of obtaining a copy without joining the AMYA.
No doubt the AMYA magazine will have Copyright of the article which will make it difficult for the rest of Footydom to obtain copies.

>In the coming issue of the AMYA magazine, she is featured as the centerfold.
>A full set of plans for the boat and rigs (not just the hull panels) and a
>pictorial build “how to” are included. I hope it will inspire other skippers to
>give design and building Footys a try.

Peter & Clare

Peter, after distribution to members, extra copies are available from the store at I’m not sure when the issue is going to be mailed.

Meanwhile, I’ll talk to John Davis about the copyright issue.


Personally I think that issues that are older than say 2 or 3 years should be freely down loadable for anyone.

Why not support the AMYA so such plans and information continue to be made available in its publication? Is it all about getting something for free?

Rod Carr

If you just joined and want older issues, you still have to pay for copy.

Currently all the information is “buried” in a pile of wood somewhere (i.e. on people’s shelf) idle. Put it in electronic format, then it’s still “alive” to be search-able and can be referenced by new people joining the ranks of model yachting.

A good example is

I guess the question comes down to who is going to “put it in electronic format”. Every service provided by AMYA is delivered by the volunteer labor of skippers who have put their transmitters down, stepped back from the edge of the pond, and taken up whatever work has to be accompolished. I agree that it would be great to have all the old information available, but who is going to step forward and provide the labor? It is easier to suggest such projects if one doesn’t trifle with considering what will be required to make them actually happen.

Hi Rod,

Supporting or not supporting the AMYA isn’t the issue here.
You may not have noticed but we are from Melbourne Australia.
Joining the AMYA is neither practical or useful.
This forum is about Footies which are an international boat.
It would be good for the class if information continues to be available to all Footy people world wide.

Peter and Clare

I’ve clarified the copyright issue with John. To reproduce the article as printed requires permission of the AMYA…it is copyrighted, as you would expect. As the author, however, I retain the rights to the original material used for the article.

Footys are truly international, and that’s always been important to me. We have a strong tradition of sharing that strengthens the class worldwide. Buying a copy of the magazine will be the best way to get the plans and accompanying build pics, so I encourage that approach. If that doesn’t work for international folks, I’ll provide the original drawings on request or post them if demand is high…but not until after the magazine has been distributed :wink:


The next question is, how is the QNL created? If it’s done on a computer, then it’s possible to print it out as a PDF, then put up on their website.

Heck, set it up for the current issues to be only availble to memembers. And give the option of mail delivery or electronic (save a tree, and postage).

Bill, if you’re the author, you can reproduce the article any way you want, i.e. you can post it if you wish. I would suggest using the the Creative Commons licensing. I’ve done an paper or two and licensed it via the Creative Commons, it works well.

Guzz, thanks for the thoughts, but my last post outlines the way I’ve chosen. I think it’s a fair balance for the two organizations I represent…the international Footy Class Association and the AMYA.


Hi Rod -
I’ve been there and offered that - INCLUDING a suggestion for access to read via membership number if the AMYA wants to manage/control who gets to read it and when. You, as well as many others, are aware of my repeated suggestions to offer the magazine in “EITHER” printed or electronic format, and you are well aware of the budget and costs associated with printing and distributing the magazine - often arriving months later than the events covered.

I won’t go into that issue again - but only wish to point out that I have/had access t o high speed scanners that are of a quality to meet the needs of local government AND the legal community. Thus, by AMYA decision, we remove the ability for even “AMYA members” to obtain electronic format copies - and have not allowed them to make a choice. On-line, using computers, iPods, tablets, and cell phones all offer the ability to read articles on line - and at the same time save AMYA a bunch of publishing costs mailing costs and provide a more timely method of information.

Just wanted to respond.

Dick Lemke
AMYA # 11530

Hi Bill,

Thanks for following this up.
This sounds like a fair decision.
Considering the costs and difficulties of obtaining the magazine in hardcopy in Australia we will probably wait for the electronic version after the magazine has been distributed.
Do you know when that time is?

Peter & Clare