AMYA magazine Issue 174 will feature Footys!

Hey guys, our esteemed editor, John Davis, has asked us to do another Footy issue. The last one was a great success, and I’m sure we can make this one even better!

It will be Issue 174, and the deadline for articles is August 6 2013…so start thinking about what you’d like to contribute, and let me know. I’ve talked with my Italian friend and builder of amazing Footys, Flavio Falochi, and he will give us an article. I’ve also received some nice material from UK legend, Roger Stollery. I’m planning a build or two, as well.

One thing I really want is an article about the 2013 USA Nats…but I need a club to volunteer to host it! Clearly, we’d like to have it before August, so we can do a race report with pics. Contact me soonest at if you are willing to host the race.

Thanks everybody…Bill

Hi Bill,

I will take advantage of your post to re-enter the footydom after a too long time far from our beloved class forum.

I have many interesting news.

Let’s start with the Footy Issue …

I will do my best to add my humble contribution writing something about the “semiscale” corner within the footy class,

and I would like to add also the design of a new supersimple wooden footy to be released “freeware”.

On previous special footy issue ( 2007 most probably ) there were plenty of useful informations about footies and, among the other, there was a very interesting database of existing models.

Pictures and specifications ( beam, weight, ballast and so on ) of 15-20 projects were published and I have taken advage of this benchmarks during design of my little boats.

I feel that it could be very nice to have an updated version of these pages , giving Bill our “secret” data.

May be we could agree a common format to achieve a standardized “footydatasheet”

Hull lenght ( dont’ forget that there are diagonal boats too ! )
total weight
ballast weight
sail area ( may be “areas” depending on the rig )
hull material
sail servo, rudder servo, receiver, battery pack

Many good news about Brando, Presto, and a wonderful “christmas gift” during next days…

stay tuned !


Folletto ITA 150

That’s a great idea, Flavio…and pics of each boat would be great, too…remember to use the highest resolution possible on your camera, or we won’t be able to use them for publication.

An article about this year’s GP winner would be nice, also.

Roger has contributed some material and plans for his UK Nats winner, Supabug.

So we are off to a good start…the more the better!