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The Judge has found in favour of the BMW Golden Gate team and is allowing the challenge to go ahead against Alinghi in 2009 in large cat’s with no other teams able to enter. So no trials, no Louis Vuiton Cup to determine challengers.:mad:

My opinion is that is this a very poor decision and a disservice to racing, match racing and the Americas Cup. If BMW had not been such a poor looser and allowed the original plans to unfold, we could have had a normal America’s Cup with multiple teams in the ACC class boats and a summer of entertainment.:mad::mad:

My only disappointment is the lack not allowing other countries to participate to select a challenger. Deep down, and based on a lot of their past big multihull experience, I really thought France might have a decent chance to finally win the Cup - I guess we’ll never know.

I concur with you John - only because of the limits placed on challengers as noted. I disagree however with your assessment about it being a disservice to racing, and offer a counterpoint, that if wind conditions are right, the public (and TV viewers) will continue to see some racing where speed, tactics and boat handling will continue to decide the winning team/boat. The only difference is that the umpire boats may have to run at full throttle to keep up for this event.

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Well… that’s all I needed to hear. I won’t be watching. I suspect a lot of people will simply lose interest as well. Wouldn’t it be funny if the J Class came back and stole the show away from them. It would serve them right.


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