American eagle rg65

Claudio’s AC boats got me thinking. so I took his Columbia drawings scaled them to 65cm. and did some full size printouts and stretched the keel did not like. Then claudio did Ted Turners American Eagle which had better freeboard and bit deeper of a keel

so I did a male foam plug for the “tape method” for making a glass hull

3 layers of glass, west system epoxy. 105/206

unfortunately when I made the plug, and before I laid up the glass. I failed to make the cutout for the rudder. So the keel is about 1" longer since the rudder is now hanging off the back of the keel.

swimming pool test with the boat ballasted up to 2lb 8ounces puts it on the waterline.

currently with untrimmed deck, all servo’s cast lead in keel, battery, and rx. boat weights 2lbs 2 ounces. which gives me 6 ounces for the rig.

the rig is the one sticky point. American eagle was not as photogenic as some of the others so my RG65 will have a rig that mimics Columbia with the traditional “triangular sails” based on Claudios photoshops…

I plan do to two rigs. one rig will be a scaled version of the columbia rig. with provides about 1700 sqcm of sail area with a mast of 876cm, and the second rig will be per the rg65 rules 2250 sqcm but still maintain the triagular shape and boom length, which means the mast ends up being 100cm. Micromagic gooseneck, carbon spars and trispi sails…

made a sand mold of the keel and poured and almost 700 gm lead slug for the ballast.

Nice job Marc

Keep in mind that Claudio also provided a set of lines for the RG65 class based on his IACC hull drawings. Originally I asked him to do it with the hopes an “internal” one-design class could be included as part of the US RG65 Class. While I started the concept and have the lines, I simply didn’t have time to start on another project. Hopefully, they could be dusted off and have a few “One Design” concepts sailing in the future that resemble the IACC looks.


had not seen that thread… but I really like the way the full keel boats look when they move through water… But I’m still working on my “glass” technique This one turned out better than the albacore… still have a few “ripples” that I need to work on with some bondo… before the final coats of paint…

I have no hope that this is going to a class winner… But I’ll look real good crossing the line last… Now if we start getting weeds at our pond then I got a chance…

Love the way you’ve done the deck - is it veneer bonded to epoxy/glass laminate? What sort of veneer is it?

Also, when you cast your lead for the ballast, did you have access to green sand (casting sand) or did you use ‘normal’ sand? I ask because although I’ve cast the lead for my ‘Enterprise’ build (Claudio’s design) it was fairly involved producing the molds and I’m wondering if there are quicker methods.

It’ll certainly be interesting to see how the 12M scaled to RG65 proportions sails - have you increased the draft to get the ballast lower?



Hi Marc,
very interesting approach !
What is the weight ratio bulb/hull ? Thanks

the deck is has 1oz glass on the unfinished side, and 1/2 ounce on the finished side. I used about 50lbs of lead on top of some plywood to squeeze it all together. I used saran swrap on both sides so as not to have the deck stick to things it shouldn’t. not as effective as a vaccum bag… but it works…

for the ballast I wrapped the male plug in aluminum foil and built up some moist dirt up around the keel removed the hull and left the foil behind. and poured my lead. not as exact as a sand mold. but quick and easy and the foil kept the hot lead away from moist soil… being that the lead is inside the hull, a smooth outer surface was not as critical…

I did not make the keel any deeper I really wanted to keep it close to scale…more or less…

the veneer is .5mm thick 10" wide and 8 feet long and it comes from the bacon veneer company. A freinds wife gets the samples and after a project just hangs on to them unless something else comes along. This deck is American Cherry…

Hull 140 gm
ballast 580gm
hull with all electronics no batty- 270gm
untrimmed deck 75gms
RTS with 2 cell lipo, no rig 975 gms

Hi Marc,
thank you very much.
Assuming 60g for the rig you may reach 975 + 60 = 1035g
Probably additional 10g for painting and you may end up with 1045g at the buoy ! Not bad for this long keel design.
The rationing with ballast may be 580/1045 = 0.55 and probably, IMO, is too low for medium windy conditions !
Sorry for the remark !

sorry for what remark???

nice thing is with a full keel boat. I have a 25lb bag of #9 lead shot for making soling keels. so I can always add more lead.

I plan on making a smaller rig that is to scale which has quite a bit less sqcm and is much shorter for the windy days…

our pond is plagued with low winds. but I have no visions of this boat being competitive against the round rangers or the blue splash… with the deep fin keels and high aspect rigs… this build is just a “fun” build…

Hi Marc,
this is the dilemma when shortening the keel or fin to fight against weeds, since it is necessary to increase the ballast/bulb. Is not a problem if the hull is drawn as such to get more displacement. Not difficult to gain 100/150g with the roundness of the shadows !
Sometimes may also help !

I have limited the lead in the keel to a small section, maybe 3" inches long and about 3/4" tall. so I have room fore and aft of the lead to add more weight with out changing the shape of the keel or the balance of the boat… but I need to sail it before I start guessing at that…

gotit done, and on the water. no pics of it on the water. but my first test sail I used a rig that was max sail area of 2250 boat was woefully over powered. so I scaled the rig to one that would be the proper size for the boat at 65 cm long. sail area was 1785…

I need to raise the boom as it wants to drag the water… time for paint…