Amazing gift from Ernesto Bertarelli to IACC120

One week ago we received this e-mail from Ernesto Bertarelli, Alinghi owner and 2003 and 2007 America’s Cup winner:


I am contacting you on behalf of Mr Bertarelli - Mr Bertarelli has been informed that SUI 91 and SUI 100, built by Mr Begozzi, were currently defending the Mini ACC Boat Cup and he would like to send him a small present.

Could you please provide me with Mr Begozzi’s postal address?

Thank you very much in advance,

Best regards,

C. Lanz

C. Lanz
Bemido SA
Av. G.-M. 31-33
1202 Geneva

After that we have been contacted by a personal friend of Bertarelli, Giuseppe. He told that Bertarelli uses for fun a IOM but He is unhappy and when He discovered our boats has been enthusiastic, He appreciated their beauty and their performances, and the Cup rules: Round Robin, Challengers Cup and Final IACC120 Cup, as the real AC. Giuseppe wanted personally test in water IACC120 boats, so last week end We met him in our regatta field near Rome, and He tested the two Alinghi boats, defender of IACC120 Cup. He has been entusiastic and told us that the boats have the same behavoir of real AC boats. After that Giuseppe wants two new IACC120 boats for him! It is nice that even billionaires are normal people who enjoyAC 120’s as much as we do at a much lower cost than real AC big boat campaign!

Yesterday I received the gift, a enormous and wonderful book, finely bound, with embossed the Alinghi mainsail. In the packageI found also a private mail to me from Bertarelli. At the first page of the book Bertarelli wrote a giant autograph. The book contains thousand beautiful pictures of 10 years of Alinghi victories in the America’s Cup. It is a great honor for me to receive this gift!

Congratulations Matthias a wonderful gift :slight_smile:

Now Mr. Bertarelli has you as his AC 120 Alinghi skipper, pressure is going to be on to win the Italian championship !

ETNZ is very keen to win back the Cup loss of “1 second” to Alinghi back in 2007 at this years event in Ravenna.

Looking forward to having some billionaires sailing AC 120 with us … but hey make sure they have short arms for their deep pockets, we don’t want our class to become too expensive to remain competitive :wink:

Cheers Alan :zbeer:

Very Cool Matt… Thanks for sharing!


Awesome story, and it is great to see the big players enjoy sailing at every level.
Congratulations Matt on inspiring the winner of the America’s Cup to participate in the IACC 120 world.
That pretty much puts you “on the team” at Alinghi I’d say…

Dont forget to ask them if they want some Shore Crew for the new 120’s…