Am I nuts????

After I recently decided to aggressively tackle a larger scale (1:12) TP52 all I can do is think about it. I have infinite amounts of ideas running through my head from name too how should i build the plug. At work I play around in CAD with the different aspects and it just seems to be everything I do lately. Eat, Sleep, beath, TP52 or even model yachts for that matter because if it wasn’t this, it would be another. I mess around with deck placement and cockpit design, its just crazy. Anyway, I’m done rambling (apperently I’m not) , just wanted to see if anyone else is as nuts as I am? Because given the oopurtunity (or ability) I could see building/designing more boats than I have fingers. I’d like to Thank (or not) Heaven Can Wait for waking the beast within me, by posting pics of his SLR 1200 and maybe someday we can get together and race our boat on a large course where they can stretch their legs.

yer not nuts. yer just in a creative wave, so ride it.

your not nuts your crazy, but that is what breeds brilliance, so go with the flow man!