I am not really excited about using this board to suggest another board, but I will, I guess. Sorry Chad, you can kill this if needed.

WindPower is great, but is suffering from something performance-wise. I think it has to do with the hosting service and/or the underlying database. But, I don’t want to undermine Bill and his work there at all. He runs that place well.

Is an alternative warranted? There are options available.

The Other Matt

The Forumula 48 Multihull Class Owners Association regretfully, will refrain from future posts and class promotion on this site for an undetermined length of time.

As noted in a different thread, a forum for “multihulls” was developed in January of 2003, and based on incidents encountered here, was recently activated.

Web URL is and while we regret the need to move discussion topics to such a “focused board” instead of a “general” board for many classes that was available here, one of our reasons was the recent incident regarding multihull construction methods and an <u>“off-site” </u>evaluation by an individual, certainly didn’t help the effort to promote the building and sailing of multihulls - here in the U.S. or anywhere else.

Sorry to move multihull discussions from this site, but it is required in order to continue to help multihulls become an accepted part of the U.S. r/c sailing scene. Unfortunately, the damage done by a single individual (who is not reepresentative of the majority of multihull builders or owners) will take a major effort to repair.

Those interested in multihulls are cordially invited to take a look at, and participate in our forum.