Alternative SeaWind Sails - Tippecanoe feedback

Here I would like to hear what you all think about the alternative SeaWind sails by Tippecanoe. They are currently the only approved replacement sails other than Kyosho. They are intended to be equivalent! We don’t want to start an arms race! However as long as Kyosho replacement sails are hard to get we need to be able to continue to replace our aging sails.

I reported in SeaWind Express # 22 that problems had been encountered with the Nylon material of the Tippecanoe alternative SeaWind sails. When the sailcloth is wet for the first time it stretches and produces wrinkles along the battens and seams. This is a fault with the material not the manufacture!
Will Lesh at Tippecanoe has done some research on the problem and found that after wetting and subsequent drying the material is then dimensionally stable and is offering a new set of battens to any skipper who wants to try removing battens, wetting, drying and re-installing battens.
He has also located a new source of polyester sailcloth very similar to that used in Kyosho sails but this is more expensive than the Norlon Nylon cloth so new suits of sails in polyester will be priced at $85 each plus shipping. All new sails are using this polyester cloth and should be 100% dimensionally stable. I look forward to hearing any feedback on the new polyester sails.
Will also asked me to publicize what I believe is a very generous offer to replace any of the Nylon sails with a new set of polyester sails at a cost of $30 including shipping. Anyone wishing to take advantage of this offer or to get a new set of battens should contact Will Lesh at Tippecanoe 1-800-206-0006.

Just an update. I reported earlier that Will Lesh intended to improve his packing of SeaWind replacement sails. Here is some unsolicited feedback I recently received:
“I received SW sails from Tippecanoe today and found them to be in perfect shape. Will packed them in a 4” cardboard tube, along with the batten material, spectra line and the nylon tubing. The 4" tube allows for a very loose coil of the sails. The printed material that comes with the sails is quite well written and very helpful when applying the battens, tracing numbers, etc. "
Tippecanoe commitment to quality is very high!