Hello all,

I don’t have any rc sailboats, yet…

I enjoy sailing and rc gilders.

I have watched rc sailing at a pond near Waikiki recently, and am interested in starting at some point.


Look on this web site and then go to page USCOA, class registry region 6, there are 3 skippers on your island in HI. One is in Honolulu, the other two are in Kaneohe, but I do not know how to e-mail them. You may try to send an e-mail to the class secretary, Mike Eades. Also go to (The American Model Yachting Association) web site and look for model yacht clubs on Oahu.

Our yearly US-1M championship is Sunday July 24 th at Ala Moana Park. A resident is moving and selling 12 boats. He has already sold 3 fairly new S/W’s. I don’t know of any where else on Oahu to sail but in the park.