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Hi All!

I’ve been working on , to provide a place where you’ll find information about sailboat designs of all classes and kinds, including dimensions, images, designer information, suppliers, plans and manuals. All the data is supplied by RC sailors like yourself - though for now all pre-loaded data was taken from what is freely available on the Internet.

AllRadioSailboats is collaborative - everyone (that’s you!) can request the addition of new information to the database. All new data is reviewed by an Admin before published, thus making sure data is not bogus.

So now its your turn to browse the available designs and contribute. This way the database will grow beyond the current 590+ designs, and become a great source of materials for your fellow RC sailors of the world:
[li]If you are a Designer, go see if you are already on the Designer List - look for your listed designs, check for completeness and correctness, and contribute with what is missing.
[/li][li]If you are a Class Admin, look at the Class List and click on your class insignia - then look for all designs of your class, and check if you can also collaborate with missing information.
[/li][li]If you are a Vendor, look if we got every sailboat you sell listed, and verify that there is a link to your website on each.
[/li][li]If you are a Sailor, search for your favorite designs, and if you can collaborate with dimensions, links, pictures, etc. please don’t hesitate and do it!
We is really just me (for now). I’ve been sailing my whole life, and started radio sailing some five years ago. You can interact with me in different ways depending on what you need. Happy sailing,

Thomas Armstrong
Founder, AllRadioSailboats

That’s very cool. Must have taken quite a while.

Hi Naptalene - well, took some months of fiddling around, yes, but really though this was needed. When you are looking for some design, it’s difficult to find materials. So I started this project. Now it’s up to everyone to start contributing to make it a quality service…


Very good idea Thomas !
Unfortunately I do not use Google or Facebook to enter your site and eventually communicate the “data bank” of my personal designs plans for : Footy, RG65, AC100, One-meter, AC120, Class M, 10R, including 12Metres and J Class as are already presented in this forum.
What you can do is to pick up the designs from here where they are. In attachment my face as such to be recognized in your presentation.
I did similar thing with my Club in Italy, although sitting in France since long time ago :

Hi Claudio! I’ve added your photo.

I have forseen this kind of limitation, so that the work to integrate another authentication provider is not too big. So tell me, what kind of credentials do you use/have? I may be able to connect with 500px, Amazon, Flickr, Hotmail, Linkedin, Paypal, Reddit, Twitter, Yahoo… and many others. I’m sure there is something you surely use!!! Look here for a complete list of what I may be able to integrate…


Mozilla Firefox
and E-mail in PM