Alligning a foam plug

I’m thinking about building a foam plug. I want to use the “cardboard shadows between the pieces of foam” method. What I’m a little foggy on is how do you line up all the shadows and pieces to an acceptable level???

Don - the best one I’ve seen (can’t remember who did it) was the use of two arrow shafts (or thin carbon tubes/rods) that is passed through all of the station templates, plus the foam. They are stacked vertically, and can be removed/reinserted as needed. Once the entire foam is shaped, the tubes are withdrawn, foam glued to next foam with templates removed, and after all foam sections are completed, the tubes are withdrawn before glass covering is applied. I suppose one could leave the tubes in place but not necessary to give strength as the foam plus glass does a nice job.

Depending on length of the boat, - you can also build using Claudio’s methods of templates sandwiched between foam.


Hi Don,
here the method I use to align the foam blocks.

The important thing is that all the blocks shall be squared on all 3 axis. You need a good aligned band saw that btw generate a lot of particles, therefore a vacuum cleaner is needed.
Once all blocks are bonded the template of the deck plan is glued on the top surface. The full foam block is then cut following the template leaving an external margin of 2mm about.

similarly can be done with the Side template by adding a little stretch to compensate for the sheer line curvature.

Hope this answer your question !


PS : I mention the Deck plan assuming is dimensionally the largest. In any case the max beam template layout shall be used.

Thanks guys
I may use a combination of the two. I’m a belt and suspenders kind of guy.