Allan wrench size for DuBro steering arm

OK -

I think I’ve been through my handful of Allan wrenches for hex head cap screw that is on a DuBro 1-1/4" nose gear steering arm.

It’s been a long day at work, and I’m now frustrated. Can anyone tell me the size of Allan wrench that fits the set screw on the steering arm? This would be the large one that would tighten to rudder post, not the small one that attaches to the push rod.

3/32 seems too small and 1/8 seems too large. Is the darn thing metric? I used to have the right size in my “Pond Box” - but its not there tonight when I need it!

Thanks guys.

Dick, the allen wrench you need is 7/64. Just between the sizes that you have. Thanks for posting as my wrench was on the workbench and not in the pond bucket where it belongs. Clyde

in case you need a good allen wrench set, try www.towerhobbies,com and browse for bondhus tools. Also, and have the chance to get smalle bolts screws and nuts for hundreds…

Tato Lazo.

Thanks for the info, Tato.

In my wanderings -

First I found the single wrench for $ 0.29 but the company had a $10.00 minimum order.

Then I found a different supplier on the web who charged $ 0.23 and no minimum order, but shipping cost was $10.00

Finally - after a tip from good friend here at work, I drove to south end of town (2 miles) and bought 4 wrenches of 7/64 size at a TOTAL cost of $0.48 (for all four) ! Company was Fastenal for anyone interested.

:D:D:D :zbeer:

Second the motion on Microfasteners. The # 2 x 1/2 stainless socket-head sheet metal screws they sell have applications everywhere in model yachting.