All quite

Has anyone else noticed how much quitier the postings has got since the 21st of March.

The Vernal Equinox occurs on the 21st, that’s when the sun passes over the equator from the southern hemishere to the northern hemisphere.
All you northern hemishere people must be swapping the keyboard for the transmitter.

Enjoy your summer.

“We do share the sun around”

Been to the pond a LOT lately! and, yes, I do enjoy it!

Have fun sailing!


if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!


Well, yesterday I was banned from the walloon-roots discussion web-site after a mail-riot from my opponents. I still have reading access to that web-site…
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well the water is luquid. so i have been in the water. only to find one of my boats have developed a leak of the winter. but i am here everyday. so i am posting.
long live the cup

Ahhh just about finished the rigging on the Vic. Mainsail last thing to go on.
Damn near killed me on the weekend ponds clear of ice, Vic almost done Figured Sunday would be sailing, then a family emergency and everything was put aside. Tonight is the first night I have not had to do something. So hide in my room and worked on the boat.
Another hour and I will be done. Dang it to dark to sail at 930 pm have to wait till weekend

Happy sailing to all

yep me too the final parts for my vic are getting shipped out on wednesday and than its time to rig and get a y-harness for the new DIGITAL SERVO (drool) sand down my fins and than bam water time

i love tinkering with these boats it takes up time i’m sure my girfreind is going to hate it soon

poeple settle down. i know its been a long winter. but remember. check out your boats. I always put in fresh batteries. it no fun getting out in the middle of a lake. only to find the reciever is dying. maybe even a little check run and pull the boat out , just to make sure you are watertight?
just a litlle note from a guy who has been there. no power, and a mast hanging over the side, ( i did not tighten it enough) better to be safe than sorry
long live the cup

Has anyone got an opinion on this???

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We can read Cougar’s posts can’t we.[:D][:D][:D]

Vancouver Island

well hae fun in your summer but spare a thought for us who are stuck down in the cold. thank god that my water does not frezze over idd go in sane just means the wollies come out and its time to play in the rain and lots of wind and strong gusts or no wind:(

When the Apprentice knows more than the Mentor its time to quit!