Al Stein ...requests permission to come aboard

Greetings an fair winds to all.

As you may have guesssed from my username, I’m AL. I started in model yachts here in Pennsylvania (USA) back in the early 70s, and I still have two from that era… a 36/600 Soling and an EC12. I also have a nearly finished RG65 and a J/2 project in its early stages. (Ain’t much prettier than a J in this world!) I’ve built a few other boats that later struck out to bring the joy of sailing to others, too: those were Star45, RG65, and Footy types. AND I have a big list of someday projects… but maybe most of us have one of those!

I learned to sail on R/C boats, raced dinghies in college (the ususal type… raced FJs and 420s, sailed sunfish and Lasers when I could). Then some years later I got a promotion at work and used the first of that to fund a Force5 campaign.

I love building from the ground up and I love sailing. I guess I like to talk/write, too… which I hope is more good than bad. I keep it clean and I like to share what I learn. I was a forum moderator on RC Universe back in the RCOnline days – almost half a million modelers ago. Thanks for the opportunity to join this group!

Hi Al - from another (former) Force5 racer ! (Then I got smart and started sailing fast multihulls) 18 Skiff’s not available in the Midwest at the time but had fortunate location and ability to hang with and learn a lot from the Gougeon Brothers and their sailing friends. Better than a college education !

Chad will probably be approving your request (as moderator I can’t) and I look forward to your participation (especially in the RG section)

Regards, Dick

Hey, I started sailing in a Force 5 too…

Well, I think Al dresses funny and sounds peculiar, but what the heck, we all do that.


Guilty as charged – Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

I think the 18 footer would have been out of my target price range, even with the promotion. But, speaking of midwest sailing, about the time I thought I had a handle on the ins and outs of the Force5 I saw the MC Scow… boy was I impressed by that! … And then another guy in our sailing club got a speeding ticket with his C-Scow. Literally! The park rangers clocked him just about flying over the water in a no wake zone and waited for him to come in so they could serve him with the ticket… what a great addition to the trophy wall that would be! And I don’t know how many people have a hard time believing it when I tell them I raced sailboats out of OMAHA.

Still ahead I see multi-hulls… AND land yachts / dirt boats, and… As wild as it may be, there’s always more excitement just around the corner – I LOVE SAILING!!