Air Capitol Model Sailing Club

The purpose of this message is to announce the launching of a new web site for the Wichita, Kansas based Air Capitol Model Sailing Club.

The ACMSC was formed in December 2003 to promote RC sailing/racing in Wichita and the South Central Kansas region. Currently we are made up of about 8 members, includin myself and the F48 builder, Ian Sammis.

Speaking of Ian and F48’s, we are hoping that our club will eventually form the first official F48 fleet in the US, and having Ian in our club should help that effort. In addition, we are hoping to develop fleets in the Seawind and Victoria classes.

The web site is a direct result of the hard work of one of our members, and while officially online, it will always be a ‘work in progress’. Please feel free to come by and have a look.

The club’s first event will be a social ‘fun sail’ that will take place on Sunday, April 18. If there is anyone that is willing or able to drive to Wichita and join us, you would be most welcome!

Smooth Sailing!

Seawind #149
Victoria #556

Air Capitol Model Sailing Club

<center>[:-cry] No multihulls in the logo !

Boo Hoo !</center>

Otherwise - nice job Andy - now I see what has been keeping you busy.

KUDOS to you…Very nice site. It is very easy to navigate and looks great…Awesome job.

Seawind #80

Tom, Dick…

Thanks for the nice comments…

About the lack of multihull pics on the site…
Hopefully that will change once the season starts and Ian gets his boat out, and Kristopher Harig also brings his… we’ll snap lots of photos. I was hesitant to put a bunch of Mini 40 pics up, since they aren’t really F48’s (though similar).

Tom… I meant to tell you thanks again for allowing us to use some of your photos on the site… we hope to add more of our own, as I said before, but your’s have and will continue to be helpful.

Thanks again…

Air Capitol Model Sailing Club

great website and way to go. make mine look kinda rough. I may have to work on it lol
i like the logo. how did you do it?


The webmaster (one of our members) has a friend that is a graphic artist that volunteered to make it for us. We were extremely pleased with the outcome (especially since it was free!) Thanks for the nice comments.

Though I helped in the design process, Aaron Roush, our web master deserves the praise. He has worked hard for over a month to get it up to shape–and this was his first attempt at designing a web site!


Air Capitol Model Sailing Club


GREAT JOB…awesome!!!


if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!