Afternoon from West Wales

Hi folks,

Just a quick ‘Hello’ from sunny Pembs :slight_smile:

I am an ex-IT Manager recently turned Boat Builder (nothing too grand, a bit of traditional and GRP repair work and a couple of Ply/Epoxy builds) returning to modelling in my spare time.

Am really taken with the whole ‘Footy’ concept, small, budget wise and some cracking looking models. Looks like what spare time I do have is going to ‘go south’ at a rate of knots :wink:

Fair winds, John

Hi John & welcome to the forum from another ‘newbie’ !!

As I’m sure you’ve already discovered, the amount of information and knowledge available here is truly outstanding, with the ‘old hands’ more than willing to offer good sound advice.

Hope you’ll keep us all updated with your Footy projects and of course, anything larger as time permits!