Adjustable sail sheeting

On Dennis’ American footy, he has the sheet on each sail going through a screw-eye, then clipped to a grommet. It’s a good way to adjust the length of the sheet, but I can’t figure out how he gets the clip through the screweye! Does he open the eye just a hair?

Any ideas?


Here’s a picture for reference:

BTW, instead of going out to buy the little grommets for booms(3mm ones), you can use the leftover grommets from servos. Even the rectangular ones work, if you trim the rubber to get a slot all around. :graduate:

Is it a screw eye, or is it a split ring tied to a second grommet?


Dennis told me he’s got a split ring tied to each grommet. A small clip goes through the first one and clips to the second.

“Small clip?” :confused:

I have built one of Dennis’s rig kits that I use on both American Footy and Razor. Your interpretation is correct, Doug…it’s a split ring tied to a grommet.


I’ve got some clips taken from snap swivels (fishing gear) that will fit through some pretty small rings. As long as I don’t have to unsnap them much they’re ok. Needlenose pliers help too.

Yuo need to get some small hemostats, Talastro. I think Radio Junk has them for a couple bux. Better than fingers because they camp shut (like on your shirt) even in freezing cold.

Don’t some people make loops like those plit rings by tying wire around the grommets? I think I read that around here somewhere.


Alternatively, take some very light Kevlar binding twine, tie it in a loop place it over the grommetand wind it up like an elastic bend. If you do the winding ii two halves (one round the grommmet, the other for the eye, you can make a very neeat job. When finished add a drop odf CA. Probably lighter and less windage and you can angle the eye to suit the lead.

ND. Do NOT overtighten the bit round the grommet!

Thanks for reminding me of that tool. I’ll move it out of my tackle box and into my sailing box. Then I’ll forget about it and have to dehook a pickerel with my fingers. :stuck_out_tongue: (My mother was a nurse. My father and I used hemostats for fishing years before we ever saw them commercially.)

Is a haemostat what I would call a small set of artery forceps?

Yes, indeedy. Commonly available ones in the hobby shops over here are in the 6 inch range, but surgical supply houses have much bigger and smaller ones.

When is someone goingtopublish an Amlish-English Dictionary?:devil3: :zbeer:

its all you angus… its all you…:zbeer::devil3:

Maybe we could persuade Spencer Wells to do it?
(surgical joke)

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