Adding to the Rule change confusion...

I see on the official Footy international webpage
<>, that the ballot results and the revised rules have been posted. However, upon closer inspection, I see that the posted data DOES NOT agree with what I have read on this forum to be the final results of the recent election, but rather the initial interpretation (which was later corrected) that showed item #8c concerning sail rigs to have passed with 27 “yes” votes. Since 27 was not equal to a 50%+1 majority in an election with a 91 voter turnout, this motion was subsequently decreed to have not passed, but presently is indicated on the site as “passed”.

Can this be simply corrected on the site to reflect the actual ballot results, or does it require some sort of proverbial “act of Congress” to change it? Again we see the potential benefit of keeping all balloting as simple as possible…

Bill Nielsen
Oakland Park (Ft. Lauderdale), FL USA
AMYA #0835
Footy #835

What is on the site is a clerical error. Like many other things it should not have happened, but it did. I hope we have learned. So far as I am aware (eyes raised to heaven) the actual rule as published correctly reflects the votes cast. That is the thing that matters. I’ll ask Charles Hall to correct the error just so there’s no ambiguity.

:cool::scared: !

Have you looked at the new rules? Did the change from 8c get in? I’m not reading those things again until I sail a damn boat. Let me know.