Adding Lightness

I spent some time today building a new ajustable mast base on my Trimaran to allow the fitting of smaller rigs and the ability to move the sail plan fore and aft up to 100mm (thats about 4inchs for all you stone age folk)[-crzwom][img]../forum1/images/speech/icon_speech_ugh.gif[/img][img]../forum1/images/speech/icon_speech_duh.gif[/img][img]../forum1/images/speech/icon_speech_ok.gif[/img] The mark 1 version had a flat channel section with a sliding alloy billit on which was fixed an upright fibreglass section into which the mast locating pin fitted. Pretty cool eh![:-crazy] It wasnt until I had fabricated all the component parts that I realized that I could save about 50 grams by not using half of the bits and simply drilling holes in the base unit to locate the mast pin.[:-bulb]
The purpose here is not to brag about what a clever model engineer I am,[:-sing] but to illustrate the basic idea of adding lightness.[:-eyebrows]
Dont make that fitting out of brass, use alloy. Or better still maybe you can do the same job with a piece of string. Dont add extra unnecessary bits, look at how you can make things simpler and lighter.[:-kitty]
If you can save the Grams the Kilos will look after themselves.[:-propeller][:-scared][:-witch]
(thats ounces and pounds for you know who)[:-toast]

Do it NOW before it`s too late.

Dont make that fitting out of alloy, use carbon! [;)]

Luff 'em & leave 'em.

Adding Lightness???

Seems like an oxymoron to me.

Kind of like military intelligence.

Good job on making the boat lighter.

Peter R.


[:-drunk] Matthew here is a picture of the mast step. You will note it is made of carbon and foam.[:-jester] Who`s a clever boy then.[:-king]

Download Attachment: [ TRI Mast step_edited.jpg]( Mast step_edited.jpg)

Do it NOW before it`s too late.