You guys have caused me to get addicted. I downloaded the simulator’s demo and have spent hours on the simple race. I’ve hit enough other boats on the starting line to destroy the entire fleet and even after 30 years of real racing I still end up trying to tack with the chute up.

Sorry to all the auz sailers, I used your boat and got creamed time and time again. With the French boat I manged to win a few starts and even a race.

When I finally retired from real boats my temper started to drop to normal, now at rc regattas I can feel the blood pressure rising, and even with the simulator I found my self screaming "PROTEST YOU IDOT: at the screen.

Sounds like fun, what simulator is this. Must have missed thee post.
Andrew miller

VSK 3, has a free demo online, haven’y yet downloaded full simulater yet.

Well hurry up an join Wis and I - tentatively set for 1100GMT Fridays. Tentative I say.


Well I plan to enter my first RC Regatta on Sunday, two new experiences in one week may be too much for this old man.:smile3:

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