AC45 eXtreme

Dear every one,
It is a pleasure for me to inform the comunity that the whole project of the AC45 eXtreme is now available for download at AC100 eXtreme site (e.g.
Two different project are available, one dedicated to the sails and one for the hulls. Both project are available in .jpg (scale 1:1) while the .pdf format is reduced for A0 oversize limitation. To print in scale 1:1 we recomend to download the jpg file and use the pdf as reference image to be printed in A4 format.
For any further informations about the project and the construction procedures please use also our dedicated forum section.
Despite this latest update we cannot avoid the possibility of several changes in the near future in the esecutive project. This is maily due to the fact that we are still working on the realization of our first AC45 and as the first water test will be performed some adjustment will be required for a perfect balancing.

Hope this info will be appreciate to all lovers of the new America’s Cup boats.

p.s. Also a dedicated Class ruler will be available as soon as possible. Remember that PROJECT in italian: PROGETTI and MOVIES: FILMATI in both site tabs you’ll easily find info about the AC45 eXtreme.

have a nice Day