ok guys
this was a class that was offerd about a year ago. just wondering if anybody has heard anymore. i know it is growing strong in europe. mine has been in the water , but not under sail. has anybody built one yet.
does anybody know anybocy building one?

I have not had the chance to move forward on this, and it will be some time before we can… darn it. I put up a set of plans on the wall in the corner where I go by it all the time… and I am really itching to get started on it… but there are too many plugs and molds ahead of it. I will build it and they will come… not a doubt in my mind and I think it could really go BIG… but just going to have to wait for now.

I keep saying it… if those darned elves and gnomies would get down here and make the boats at night in the shop… I leave the tools out there EVERY NIGHT the way it said to in the Fairy Tale… but the little buggers never show up!

been checking with other poeple . and we cannot use “ac” in the name. the americas cup people dont like that, unless we pay them. but i dont think using “IACC20” will cause anyproblem. i have been using that often

Well then it is bad news for the AMYA because they have had an AC class for a long time… If those bozos want to hunt me down and sue me… they can do that. My attorney owes me BIG TIME… heheheheh saved his BUTT… so… that will give him something to do… and the beauty part is it’s his field. He gave me his personal guarantee… if anything ever came of it he could tie it up in court for a min of 7 years.

Now, if I made a boat replicating and using logos and called it that… sure they would make some problems… but if the AMYA can have the AC class

please visit them at:

then I say we can have the AC-20 class… and so shall it be. Also, the guys in NZ had NO WORRIES mate about naming theirs the AC-15… which may be a class someday as well… I would enjoy making that happen too!

As always though… I DO appreciate your concern and willingness to take the time to mention it… as these things can get out of control and have been known to sneak up on us from time to time.

If they get nasty… we can call the the AmericaN Cup… they don’t have dibs on THAT one! HAhahahahahaha


I think if you really wanted to beat it to death… you could go back and say that because it existed in public domain for over 100 years… that they can’t really even claim on that THAT.

I doubt that you will have any problem simply using the letters AC.

We did have to discontinue the use of the cup outline for our class insignia of the AC15 class.
We now use a custom designed logo which has no association with the cup.

My own boat, done out in Alinghi livery was done after I wrote to and recieved permission from the Alinghi managment to reproduce the logos etc as long as it “was not for commercial use.”
Most teams would be happy to give permission once you explain what you want to do.

I know this thread is old, but…

here are some ac20 plans
there are SUI-64 ans ITA-45


the second is in italian but they are the same exact plans for sui-64, and at the second link there is a luna rossa model and he may give you an autocad file which you can build it from.

i’m currently building the SUI-64 model