This is the answer to all your prayers.
Big enough to go offshore.
One design to ensure great match racing.
The fastest monohull leadsled model yacht on the planet?
Look great, sail great, What more could you ask for?[:-cyclops][:-drunk][:-hot]

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nerds of the wold untie

yeah they look great and the video is nice but they do have 2 draw backs. ! the price and the size. but i still think they have something here for the serious racer and the people who have the money
i wouls still like to see them do black majic. i might even buy one myself. but I think my wife would kill me if i spent that much money I think they are $6000 us arent they?

[:-captain] I promised the folk at AC15 that I would help them publish a price list for their end of run sale items.
Well here it is.
These items are all available direct from the contacts listed in the document which is priced in NZ$valued today at approx US 60 cents any sale questions to them, any sail questions to me.
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Do it NOW before it`s too late.