AC120 new build New Zealand

New AC120 build in New Zealand.
At last I have started building my new boat .Thank you Alan (Kiwi120) for your guidance and sending over a supply of latex. Work is underway on cutting out my frame stations for the plug. I intend to build up a fleet in South Island New Zealand by running workshops similar to Alan’s in Germany.
I have enjoyed watching how the AC120 has grown in popularity in such a short time. In our throw away mass produced world of plastic model yachts, it’s so refreshing to be able to build a great looking and sailing model.
I will post some pictures as soon as I have the frame setup.
Best Regards Steve

Great to see a Kiwi AC 120 group starting up Steve :spin: wishing you and your group great success !!

Cheers Alan :zbeer:

Cheers Alan
Thinking ahead can you give me a heads up on the sort of sail winch servo set up for AC120
Have a great day (looks like team NZ are going to take the cup back :jump2::jump2:

ohhh … a touchy subject with me Steve :rolleyes: I’m not the best to give advice on winches, FWIW I like simple set-ups with lowest possible weight which means 7.4V winches and servo’s that run directly off 2-C 1000 mAh Lipo’s (no add-on BEC’s) for around 6-8 hrs sailing.

Was using Graupner Regattas, includes in-built BEC & good winches but they stopped making them and eventually as they were installed in boats sold, starting running out.

Gave the Chinese Eurgles a try, some have success but they burned me badly and then eventually found a guy in Munich who custom makes winches with little more speed & power than the Regatta & I’m happy with them but still little too expensive for my pocket (120 Euro)

Was given a Vigor VSD-22-YMB 7.4 V (no BEC) to test and popped it in Jaguar (replaced slow/heavy Hi-Tec HS785B) and it has run flawlessly for me so far for 6 mths, Specs: Digital Winch, weight 56 grams with Stall torque ≥ @ 0.60sec/360° At roughly 35 Euro can buy 3:1 to custom made winches, for same performance. But I’m cautious of Chinese made winches until I hear lot of good feedback, so don’t take this as recommendation, just one-off experience.

Then there is the Rolls Royce of winches RMG’s (best money can buy) have one only but generally they’re out of price range, also Italian RMG clones but not heard any good feedback so far.

What’s currently available on the RC winch market is really disappointing in my opinion and always looking something that hits sweet spot being digital with 7.4 V ≥ @ 0.60sec/360° & weighing not more than 75 grams in the price range of 50 Euro max.

For rudder servo I use only Hi-Tec HS 5646 WP, they’re digital therefore programmable, run directly off 7.4V (no BEC required), waterproof and reliable as hell, highly recommended.!!!

Cheers Alan