AC120 class

Hi everybody,
in Italy is getting popular a new RC sailing boat class, called AC120, because of the lenght to be 120cm
This class is supposed to reduce to scale of 1/20 the actual America Cup Yachts.
The true plans are still under secret, but an meticulos research work with pictures allowed me to draw the ALINGHI SUI-100.
Obviously, this class respond to a Rules called Safalero Cup.
Some dimensional elements are derived directhly from the big brothers , others instead, are specifically adapted by the applicable formula .
To knows more, please go visiting : under ‘tecniche’
All plans are free downloaded in PDF

Another interesting site is :

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Just to refresh the tread
here my last design for the AC Alinghi SUI-100 the America Cup 2007 winner
The design is in line with the AC20 rules defined in Italy by the Safalero Cup Syndicate


The original 3d is named " IACC120Cup" and it is composed of 32 pages with >50000 views! here only 2 pages are extracted and reported with another title “AC 120 Class” !!
That’s pitty