AC- scale 1:30

I told myself, while I was building a couple of RG65, that perhaps a litle sister of the AC120, largely discussed in another tread, would be of interest to those that like boat shorter of 100cm.
The attached PDF drawings are for an AC 130 that sizes only 80cm being on scale 1 :30 and weight less than 1.5 kg.

This AC130 is supposed to fill-in the place between the RG 65 and IOM/US One Meter.

Only one Hull is drawn onto which any America Cup decorations could be applied.

Sail Plan of max. 3500cm² and Appendix drawings will follow.

Any comments ?


PS, I have developped an AC120, starting from 4 kg instead of 4.5 kg, therefore it is “out of rules”, but being lighter should present interesting performances - noting that it is possible, within the actual Rules, to be build lighter than 4.5kg, but a ballast is required to comply with the 4.5kg requested by the Rules.
Any interest ?

The maximum Sail Plan surface is of 3500 cm².
The maximum Mast lenght from the deck is 1175 mm
The fore Stay is hooked to the mast at 80% of the Main lenght

This the overall view :

The Nominal Sail Plan is of 3200 cm²


The nominal Sail Plan is of 3200 cm²

Here the details :


The Nominal Sail Plan of 3200cm²


the boat Plan including centering data . minimum CLR - CV lead 8.3%

CE at 32mm from back face of mast.