AC Cup!

In case you were wondering what’s happening over in Valencia, Spain:

Coutts went over to the Swiss…


Just curious TomoHawk. What do you mean by “Coutts went over to the Swiss…”? Coutts went to the Swiss Alinghi syndicate soon after Team NZ’s defence in 2000. He has since left, and under the current AC rules, is sidelined for the next Cup regatta.

Or am I missing something?

Coutts was listed on the crew roster (skipper, IIRC) for the Alinghy team. It must be outdated information.I lost interested soon after the Italians won.

Thanks for the heads up.

The rule for the new V5 boats is out:

Maximum 4.5m beam! No maximum on length mentioned. I hope they make the masts better this time around.