AC Behind Bars

Seems that Americas Cup is dangerous to ones health and freedom. Who doesn’t remember Alan Bond going to jail some year after winning the Cup. Ben Lexcen died relatively soon after the Australia IV. The italian with “Il Moro di Venezia”, Raul Gardini had to choose between being killed by the maffia or committing cuicide (he chosed the former). In Sweden Jan Stenbeck, sponsor of the Victory Challange, got a heartattack and died only some months before the Cup. Now the Victory Challange captain Mats Johansson is behind bars for some tax problems dealing with big motor-boats. Seems that the entire Nordic AC Challange “Victory Challange” is jeopardized…

Alan Bond went to jail for fraud

Yeah but the point is he wouldn’t have had the money to spend on the challenge(s) if he was honest.


All hail Ben Lexcen! Seahorse mag just chastised the so -called AC “Hall of Fame” by publically asking to have their name removed from the “hall of Shame’s” mailing list until such time as Ben Lexcen has been given his rightful place of honor! Yes!!!

Doug Lord
–High Technology Sailing/Racing

i agree with doug. i was a subsribed of seahorse. but wwhen the went after a benny. they just ****ED UP . and yes a moderator swore. i dont care if dick and doug dont get along. i dont swear at them. but ben was and in my mind a great guy. and those ASSHOLES in new york. accuse him of things he did. it was a good thing i could not stay in new york for the finals. when assie II cross the line in front of that fat ass. i would have gone to the club and pissed on the yard. my first contact with ben Lexen. was on a dock side peer. he was just sitting on the deck staring at the water. and he talked with a 18 yr old boy about something stupid. I could not understand why the rudders on the boats. where so samll. he took the time while the new york **** head were calling him a liar.
ben lexen was and is the best person, who ever design a boat. he was a great guy.
and i am warning everybody here. if you think that doug and dick and mad at each other. dont get me mad at one of you , about saying stuff bad about ben. ben is my hero
long live the cup
p.s. my wall paper on my computer. is a picture of ben and me. sitting beside challenge 12