Ac 33 ?

The new AC33 rule has recently been released.
Do you agree with me that it looks very much like a modern IOM class radio yacht?

Heres an idea.:graduate: Instead of spending 50million dollars each on developing and building a whole new fleet of these craft, why not spend say only one million each and develop and build within the IOM class and race the Americas Cup with these smaller but similar looking craft. :devil3::lol:

AC33 rule announced 85ft long by 15ft wide - America’s Cup design entered the 21st century The rule for the boat to compete in the AC33 has been announced. The rule has come about through consultation between the Defender, the Challenger of Record and the 17 other entered teams, the process headed by Tom Schnackenberg, the class rule and competition regulations consultant for AC Management. Designers and team managers from the 19 America’s Cup syndicates met regularly in Geneva, Switzerland, and Valencia, Spain, since the design process began in early November 2008.

The jpg file shows the old style boat on the left with the new AC33 on the right.

Ian - are you crazy ? :scared:

Like any singlehanded boat - big or small, there is no one to blame but the skipper. Without crew - who would there be to blaim? :smiley:

Perhaps the cup would be more relevant to the rest of us if there was an
Owner-Driver" rule - but then again, why would Ernesto, Larry, etc. provide a shot at their egos - when they can more easily blaim the helmsman, who in turn can blame the tactician, who can blaim the foredeck guy, who can blame the halyard winch guys, and so on.

We all “know” the loss will eventuall be attributed to the guy delivering the pizzas to the “compound” ! :stuck_out_tongue:

OK - in reality, it would be a great idea and sure would help focus on the “small” area of the hobby/sport.

Regards to you “down under” - we’ll wait to see your entry - you go first. Ha Ha !


How about the new Team New Zealand TP52.
You can`t tell me it is not just a scaled up TS2.
Gary Cameron should have royalities paid.