The AC-15 is a boat worthy of becoming a recognized class, and one that we will be developing in the coming year right along side the AC-20… which also is going to be a wonderful boat with perhaps a few more options than the AC-15. But, for just horsepower and speed these boats can really turn on the juice.

We had these three out today and tore up Woodlawn lake. [:D]

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[:-alien]Hi Larry, could you resize your great AC15 photos
#2+3 so as to make it easier to view.[:-cyclops] Thanks mate.

Do it NOW before it`s too late.

fantastic boats as usual…

-Wis (aka Laurent)

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i love them pictures. and guys these boats are realy nice. i have the video on my computer. and if i could afford that ac15 . it would be here. I just have to settle for my ac20. but wow nice pictures. would love to see more of the nzl 32 boat . i have just bought 2 more books for the 95 cup. there are more picture in those books of one austraila and the america boat. i want pictures of nzl 32. that boat never lost. nzl 38 only lost 2. and those pictures above remind me of those days. great job larry
keep us updated. picture and or video would be nice:-)

long live the cup and cris dickson

i’d love to know how you suceeded in making full length battens. i’ve being trying for a long time and can’t get them to look as good as that.

does TNZ have a “hula”?

i dont think this one does. this one looks like it works. SOOOOO im my opinion it is either nzl 32 or nzl 60. the boats that worked and won. none that had gimicks

long live the cup and cris dickson

[:-football]Hi Team, Let me tell you a little of the history of the AC15 class so that you will have a better feel for the class and its concept.[:-goldfish] Alan Bryant from the Wellington Radio Yacht Club in New Zealand had the idea for a stand off scale model of the Americias Cup Class suitable for match racing within our club. He aquired all the information he could find of <font size="4">[b]NZL 32[/b]</font id="size4"> from photographs, drawings and personal observations into a plan which he then submited to Tom Schnackenberg for verifacation. As the 95 cup had just finished and as no one was giving anything away, the answer came back "its pretty damn close"
A start was made on the construction of a model at one fifteenth scale which gave a good size model of 1.7 metres overal length.
The prototype sailed well and created a lot of interest within the club. So much so that it was deceided to built a batch of six boats for sale to other club members.
We are blessed to have as a member of our club a fellow named Michael Garden who is an engineer by trade and a fine builder of model yachts.
Michael agreed to build the mould from the prototype hull and also complete the six boats with all the fittings and two suits of sails.[:-king]
I will not go into all the modifications, tribulations and frustrations that Michael went through to get the boats to the standard that they are now, it is sufficent to say that this class is one of the finest made of any in the world.
A short time before the 2003 cup a company called approached the club to licence them to build the models for sale as part of the Team NZ hype for the cup challenge. These are the models that were for sale in the TNZ shops for around NZ$7000–14000.
The club had no connection with this venture apart from a small royalty fee from each sale. is no longer involved in the production or sale of the class.
I believe they have the odd hull shell or fitting still to sell and the club is happy to help them out of the class.
The design is wholly owned by the Wellington Radio Yacht Club as detailed in a deed of gift from the designer Alan Bryant. The club is determined to retain control of the One Design aspects of the class so as to keep true to the original concept.
We keep a registar of all boats with serial numbers and owners.
We now have a club fleet of around 12 with usally 8 sailing regularly.
We have developed a C rig to cope with the stronger breezes with which we are favoured.
The boats are all identical and go at the same speed with the deviations down to careful tuning and skilled sailing. One mistake and your history. As it should be.
There are some others internationally, apart from the three with Larry in Florida, there are two owned by Mister Bertarelli of Alinghi fame.
A number of others are in boardrooms or foyers of SAP companies around the world.
If you should come across one of these I would be interested to know.
Any questions?[:-mouse]

Do it NOW before it`s too late.

the boat looks great. the only problem i have with them is that they are expensive, and are very large
other wise they look great. and would love to see them sail
figures they would pick the superboat

long live the cup and cris dickson

Ian: So are the AC15s available? Any manufacturing or pricing information? FYI, the website is down.

Hey Roy,

Ray Seta and I were talking the other day and he mentioned that you guys had a large group of AC-15’s up there? How many do you have sailing there?

No, they are going to be produced, it’s a must but the plug won’t be started for some time. We are going to do the AC-20 first, and then come back to the 15. I would anticipate that we have the first one out of the mold about this time next year.

hmmmmmmmmm now there is an idea that has come. great news a boat that will fit into a car. do you have any pictures larry? any information. after all this is just what we have been doing on the side. look at europe. they have these boat now at reggatas. chicco and i have been sending out drawing weekly. to anybody asking. and now somebody can come up with a firm price on a good hull. with proper sails
any pictures?

long live the cup and cris dickson

[:-idea]Roy, The website is no more. [:-weepn]
The company has been wound up[:-wiltel]
However, do I have a deal for you… but wait theres more![;)][img]../forum1/images/speech/icon_speech_yeah.gif[/img][img]../forum1/images/speech/icon_speech_yeah.gif[/img] Seriously though I have just come off the phone from talking with Herbert who tells me that there is one complete boat left and a few hulls in various stages.[:-propeller][img]../forum1/images/speech/icon_speech_ok.gif[/img] If anyone is interested in any of these then email (mike at and begin negotiations. They shoud be resonably priced so dont pay too much for anything.[:-pirate]
Any problems get back to me.[:-disguise]

Do it NOW before it`s too late.

Larry: There are no AC15s in New York. Ever since I saw one of the team models in New Zealand during the AC I have been interested in buying one as both a display item and to “show off” in Central Park. Have you entered into a license to build the boats in the US?

Ian: Thanks for the update. I will e-mail Mike about the remaining boats.

Hi Roy,

well… phoooey… we had heard that there were a bunch of them up there. That would have been very nice… oh well.

I talked with Mike over a year ago about building them under license here… but nothing ever came of it… So I have started on the plug (Sorry Cougar.[:-apple]. not that far along yet) for the AC-20, and then when it is complete we will move over to the AC-15. It will just be our own version of a 15th scale model.

thanks for the update larry
dont worry about the photos. i know building the plug can be a B**tch. just looking for information. are you getting your sails made by somebody? or are you making them yourself?. good luck

long live the cup and cris dickson

Hi Coug,

sorry to hear your `puter is no longer getting it done for you. [B)]

Sails… we are doing both actually. We bring in other sails on request (or drop ship) and we are making our own… but for the time being we are still testing and learning. [:-batman]

Look out there is no stopping me now.
Herewith a video clip of a couple of AC15 class yachts manouvering for the camera.
Team New Zealand vs Alinghi… does this foretell the future? :devil3:

I just watched this again & all I can say is WOW, very impressive. Too large to fit in my car, but I can appreciate the craftsmanship & the thrill it must be to sail one of these.