A Volans tri to cat conversion

It seems to me that one of the factors that accounts for the low popularity of multihulls is the lack of low-cost kit boats (Siri’s boats aside). The release of a reasonably priced boat, such as the Volans trimaran, is good news. However, this boat seems to be designed for maximum stability and hence isn’t particularly fast. I purchased one of these boats to see if I could modify it to be a bit faster, with limited success (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LstnJbBbWRs).

It occurred to me that the floats, which can be purchased as spare parts, might be used to make a cat. I’ve had a go at this conversion and the preliminary results are shown below:


The boat clearly needs to be wider and I have a couple of technical issues to resolve, but I think it looks promising. I would be interested to hear any suggestions as to how I could improve the boat. If I can manage to make a decent boat I will post the details of the build, as this looks to me like the simplest and cheapest way of making a multihull at the moment.

Some details:

hull length: 800 mm
weight: ca. 1000 g

While I wait on parts to widen the cat, I’ve had a go at converting the main hull into an RG65, trying to reuse as many parts as possible:

Any predictions as to how it might sail (it will of course have a wing sail on it)?

Separation complete and ready for testing:

This thread is continued as:

Epsilon Volantis A: which follows the optimisation of the catamaran.
Epsilon Volantis B: which follows the optimisation of the RG65