A variation on the last theme

Got inspired to make a variation in the shape to get a higher prismatic coefficient. Here’s some pics. Initial testing very positive.


Looking good Bill. Mac rig or swing?
Been working on a new break back for the RG’s. I’ll send you pic’s.

I used my McRigs when I was testing this one, Craig. The swing I made for the last boat went through some less-than-optimal modifications, and I haven’t gotten around to making another. I plan to get to it, though, since the swing worked well in the CT regatta. I need to gain experience tuning swings, though…never sure about the right slot setting. I’d be pleased to have your break-back pics.

I made a round version of this new plan, and Nathan is setting it up to print a plug for me and stretch a plastic hull. If you were still doing it, I could make an RG65 version…hint :slight_smile:

Good to hear from you…Bill