A US Spektrum Tx in EU

Hi Would any of you know if it is ok to buy a spektrum Tx from the US (second hand) and use it here in Europe ? any issue in binding with a EU sold Rx or any other difference or legal issue you’d know ???

might just want to give spektrum a call. their customer service is second to none… they’d be able to tell you…

Could be wrong, but I seem to recall that the US models have a different transmitter output strength, which may infringe EU regs. In terms of binding etc, so long as its compatible with the receiver (some aren’t backwards compat) there shouldn’t be any problems - same software/firmware etc.

Only other issue is that although the face value may be less you may well be stung for import duty & VAT which is collected by the courier/postman on delivery. I remember 10 or so years ago a friend bought a GPS / Chartplotter from the states which seemed to represent excellent value for money. By the time shipping & taxes were added it was more expensive & he had a new product with a warranty that wouldn’t be honoured by the european branch of the company. Buyer beware!!

At the end of the day, if it’s seriously significantly cheaper it may be worth a punt. If the seller is prepared to state on the shipping papers that it’s a gift you may avoid the taxes although that would be illegal…!!



if its sold cheap enough. it couldbe considered a gift…:slight_smile: although politcal in nature. I don’t think one should be charged sales/vat taxes on a personal sale between individuals on used merchandise. sales tax/vat has been paid on the item when new. shouldn’t be allowed to double dip…

Marc, you’re quite right from a moral perspective, but governments being what they are, they all want a bite of the cherry.

Some years ago I considered buying a yacht in the states with a view to ‘importing’ it into the UK. As you said, sales tax would have been paid on it when new, but I would still have had to pay import duty (1.7 % of purchase price) and then the prevailing rate of VAT (17.5 % back then).

I’ve noticed recently that some US based traders (new & used goods) specifically state that they will not label the customs form as ‘gift’. I can only assume that they’re either far too straight laced or they’ve been caught out before…



thanks for your input - in Ireland we don’t have much choice but to buy online and with my IOM boat for example, my sails are from the UK (used to be from NZL), my winch from AUS, my boat from Spain (though got it second hand from NZL) with some parts from France. I’ve been stung a few times with import duty alright hence why I try to stay away from buying electronics from the US though cos of their difference in voltage and norms… but thought that 2.4ghz was quite universal but it seems not ! the seller told me that on the back of the Tx it says “no for use in EU” so I guess Spektrum have different spec for the US and the EU market - so I’ve made my mind on the back of your comments and I’m not gonna go ahead and look for one from the EU instead…

Thanks both for your input -much appreciated