A UK Vacation and Footy Racing, Too!

OK, North Americans…pay attention. Nigel and I are starting to feel pretty lonely being the only representatives of the USA and Canada signed up for the Liverpool Challenge. I’m going to feel overwhelmed trying to hold up our end against all those darn Britts. I mean, there’s only so much beer I can drink and still tell fore from aft!

Sure, it’s a big committment…and many of you can’t take the funds away from the wife and kiddies to go it alone. So you can’t go to England for a Footy race? Then take a European vacation and pack your Footy with you!

A major Footy event will take place in Hove (on the UK coast an hour south of London) on June 29, 2008. Then the Euro GP will be held in Liverpool (2008 European City of Culture) the next weekend, July 5-6. Many competitors will be attending from across the world, and we have firm bookings from the USA and Canada already. That event will extend to include a wide-ranging technical seminar on Footys Monday, July 7. We’ll have some pretty impressive speakers including the well-known British designer, Graham Bantock. Russell Potts, guru of model yachting history, will be acting as Chairman.

But maybe you need more than Footys to get you or the family to cross the pond.

How about all of Britain and Europe within easy reach. Public transport across most of Europe is unbelievably good compared to getting around North America – fast, frequent, punctual and frequently cheap. And it goes to a far wider variety of places.

Furthermore, Liverpool is Europe’s largest hub for Low Frills air transport outside London. Flights can be unbelievably inexpensive. Take yourself to Sweden, Finland, or even former-communist Europe where you will find prices of almost anything ridiculously low by American standards. You’ll find brilliant food and drink and some really nice people: the Russians have gone! Or go to Belgium to see more renaissance buildings than Northern Italy. You’ll find the best eating in the world and EVERYONE speaks English. Ever heard of Slovakia? Then go to Bratislava and find out what you’ve been missing. Hungary? Poland? Slovenia? In Lithuania you can even visit a former Soviet missile silo! All different. All fun. All incredible value.

The UK Footy Class Association is NOT setting itself up as a tourist agency. However, members are prepared to help you put together your own packages in parts of our continent that you might not find in the travel shop window – at very advantageous prices.

Oh, and don’t forget the Footy racing too! Don’t leave Bill all alone with Angus!!!

There are wonderful things to see and do across the pond, so give it a go! Contact Angus Richardson at translate@enterprise.net

Please guys…please…Bill H