A tour of the Nightmare 'factory'

Tonight I had the opportunity to pay a visit to Ian Sammis, the new builder of the F-48 boats otherwise referred to as ‘Nightmare’. Ian is very hard at work, producing hulls as quick as he can, and was in the middle of laying some in carbon fiber. I had the chance to see some semi-finished (the deck halves were not yet bonded together, nor were the transoms or nose pieces installed) versions of the carbon fiber as well as fiberglass hulls, and they all look great.

The carbon fiber hulls look so nice that it wouldn’t be hard to imagine a potential owner of one of these boats not even wanting to paint the hulls–leaving them that cool black carbon fiber color.

Ian has the molds to produce a rounded deck for the boats, as well as a more flat deck, which should give his customers some extra choice when purchasing their Nightmare.

He is going to be constructing a boat of his own in the near future(a demo), and I for one am looking forward to seeing one on the water–I am lucky enough to live in the same metropolitan area, so I should get a glimpse as soon as he’s up and running with a demo model. When I do get a chance to see one or sail one, I’ll be sure to let everyone know MY thoughts on what looks to be a great boat! (I’ll also get pics and will post them with Ian’s permission of course)


Suprisingly enough, Kansas is a great sailing state… very flat (less wind shadows) and lots of wind! Lake Cheney in particular is a great multihull and cat lake due to its fairly wide (about 2 miles wide) size, sand beaches and ample breeze. People sometimes can’t imagine someone sailing in Kansas, but we do, and enjoy it!

Perhaps I should have said what you did Dick in my original post, that Ian is doing this in his spare time, and though he actually hasn’t said so, I think he’s doing it out of a love of sailing and of multihulls. That’s not to say he probably wouldn’t like to make a little money, but you get the picture! Perhaps if Ian would allow me, I will try to get some pictures of the carbon hulls in the near future so that you all can see them… they’re awesome.


Not to make anybody wrong here[:-bonc01], but:
The only TRUE ‘F48 Nightmare’-pictures are still at: http://community.webshots.com/user/boatbuilder
look for the ‘Code RED’, which is already a modified version of Mark Baldacchino’s 3 years old boat - therefore the ‘Code RED’ is Mk II!!! -

-Ian Sammis has my (as I’m the designer and builder of the original plugs he is using) definite permission to reproduce the ‘F48 Nightmare Mk I’ as often as he wants to! -

William Hojnacki from Honolulu/Hawaii has bought MkI from Mark Baldacchino in Spring - and now one ‘Nightmare Mk III’ (straight carbon crossbars) and one ‘Nightmare Mk IV’ - which has been re-named to ‘F48 Superslim’! -
The TWO boats are finally on their way to him! -
For the prize of one - plus one additional set of mainhull shells, to allow some further modification to Williams first boat. -

The BEST NEWS are:
All shells and the crossbars for the NEW ‘Nightmare Mk V’ are completed here at Austria - waiting for all necessary reinforcements inside the hulls. -
This NEW ‘Nightmare Mk V’ is based on my experience with my ‘F60 Daydreamer’, which I have been sailing a lot during this summer! -
Pictures of it are also at: http://community.webshots.com/user/boatbuilder

If this ‘Mk V’ will ever go into production, hasn’t been decided yet -…-[:-bouncy]

Professional shipwright - boatbuilder/-designer with 25 years of experience and a special interest in multhulls

In the other topic you write about SEVEN PERSONS who are angry about me - and now it’s ‘suddenly’ reduced to ONE??? -
Does even YOUR HATERED against me ‘allow’ some truth to ‘slip’ through your writing??? -

Once again - PLEASE KEEP UP THE PEACE!!! -

Andrew Wanie from Toronto/Canada can get his boat at EVERY time - and it had been like this since more than TWO YEARS - if he himself PAYS the shipping costs! -
But NOT trying to take the shipping fee out of MY WALLET!!! -
Once again - he can have his ‘F48 Nightmare’-carbon kit at ANY time - under the SAME CONDITIONS AS William Hojnacki!!! -
(The kit is still stored securely in it’s transportbox in my cellar compartment!) -
But if he wants ME to pay HIS shipping bill again -
then I become unpolite - AGAIN! -

But in either case: PLEASE,

Professional shipwright - boatbuilder/-designer with 25 years of experience and a special interest in multhulls

Ernst I did not pay for a kit. I paid for a ready to sail boat to be in my hands in two weeks not two years. Shipping was included. Now you have shipped me the incomplete boats from two years ago and I am paying the shipping. What is in the box will be reported here.

…take photos! I’d love to see this.

Sounds like the “Nightmare Factory” ain’t in Kansas…

Sorry, could not help myself.


I placed an order with Ian Sammis for a F-48 Nightmare short kit on Sept. 16. Received the box this past Tuesday ( Oct. 14 ). The moldings are excellent, with just the peel ply surface to sand for a fine finish. The main hull halves weigh 304 grams altogether ( a little over 10 oz. ). Considering all of the tension regarding multihull manufacturing, Ian is great to deal with and has some options to choose from. This kit is not for beginners, but is a great foundation to build on. Clyde

Just to clarify: that 304 grams is for the top and bottom hull combined not each half.

Regarding Nightmare:

The boat was originally spexed so that it will have reserve volyme for ballast use. As we dicussed about the boat via email, the boat Designer Ernst Zemann said that the boat can be made for 2,5 Kg easily, and the volymes were calculated based on that weight. The boat was drawn by designer from a scratch and a A4-sized “Wish List” about how the boat should behave and what It should be able to do by me. The goal was to make something “Fast out of the box”, and at least I am satisfyed.

However as the building techniques evoluded, it becase quite clear that the sail ready weight is closer to 2 kg than 2,5kgs. This fact increased the light wind performance but made also the boat a bit hard to drive. On high wind speeds some trim weight could be added to mainhull to the centerpoint of weight to calm the boat down. Dow use keelend for the trimweight, because that will cause momentums in the boat wich may capsize the boat easier.

The evolution version, Superslim has less reserved buyoancy. The concept has been recalculated by designer based on the building datas and ready boat weights, so this boat should be even faster because of the reduced wetted surface and air-drag. The earlier versions have ofcourse had some difficulties, as every new boat will, but the basics, meaning hydrodynamics are working well. I have had to do minor fixes to gain the ba?lance i require and also now my boat is docked on the garage and waiting for the new modified doublecurve beams for cooler looks and also better stiffness.

I am also Very happy to see the Mark I Nightmare coming out on regular basis from obviously good builder, Ian Sammis. As I was tightly Involved when this boat was spexed and designed, it brings a warm feeling to see your ideas sailing around.

Hannu J

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