A New product to the market that might benefit some ( those with "wet" boats)

Hi All,

I thought you might all (in the United States) be interested in Rust-Oleum’s Never Wet, a two part spray on hydrophobic coating. My plan is to use this to further “water proof” the servos and receivers of my boat. However the possibilities are quite interesting.


I’ve ordered some and will report back with results.


It’s been a while since I’ve starting using NeverWet and I thought I would take a few moments to report my findings. First, I live in the Ocean State and as a result most of my sailing is on salt water. Here is what I’ve found. As is said in my initial post, I’ve taken apart my receivers and coated the boards (covering the pins) with NeverWet. I have also sprayed the external portions of the servos (which protrude above the deck on my boat). Since starting to use NeverWet I have not ruined a receiver or a servo.

However, the product is not perfect. It peels and chips quite easily, and doesn’t stick to already smooth surfaces. It also leaves a white textured haze, changing any color with it’s milky film.

with that said I will continue to coat all my electronics with it, as I can’t really see a downside.


Some times there is a “down side” and this happen when an electronic device is confined inside a pocket or enveloped with some stuff that produce hermetic conditions. Generally humidity is developed due to poor ventilation.
I have seen receivers put inside a tiny plastic bag and sealed with a rubber. At the end of the day was evident some form of condensation due to dissipation without ventilation.
This is more obvious when the external temperature is lower then the inside temperature of the hull where the electronics produce heat dissipation !