A New F-48 Touches The Water !

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Way to go Clyde !

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Nightmare I was out against the 10R. In light winds the 0-3mph the Nightmare is hard to tack. When the winds got to 5-10mph it was 3-4x as fast as the 10R. I would be at the next mark before it had gone 30-40’. The Nightmare sails nose down and looks like it will trip but it never did. Hardly touching the water just the first couple inches of the hull. Really scarry but it never went over. No monohull will come close between 5 and 10 mph. I don’t know of any faster than the 10R. I will have to stop the flex in the hull. It moves 6" and is hanging nose down when flying hulls. No pictures or movies just a lot of members in a daze.

hearing all these stories; just makes me jealous…patience…guess that is a quality i dont have (yet) [;)]…

always nice to hear stories about the multis…



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An MPG video clip (short - 30 sec.) which will give you an idea about multihull acceleration and speed. Yes - he blew the tack (too close to seawall) and was probably talking and not paying attention. But for those who have wondered - he is a good representation of what some of us have experienced… sort of !

holy geeeeeeezz that was fast!! WOW…

Thanks for the link


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That short video shows why I suggested to you to use the number2 rig until you are used to the boat. The excelleration is what surprises most people to the point that they are so taken by the speed that they forget to sail the boat and often end up in the dinghy.

Nice boat though. What conditions roughly. Didn;t look like there was to much breeze around.


Sorry Peter - no additional information provided. Just happened to stumble on the site.

Here was another - my guess is wind is somewhere around 5 - 8 mph as no whitecaps on waves and a pretty big pond


ok…and now Dick, Peter and all the other…you ll take your camera and make small movies to show the world how to sail multis…heres a place to post movies and pics…FOR FREE:


Thanks [:)]


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I would like to hear from the monohull sailors as to whether they think they can beat a tri that is capable of making the turns like the second movie and accelerating away from the mark like that. I wish I had movies of when I had 10-12mph. Almost twice as fast.

hey hoj
oh yes everyday he he he, man, anyone who says they can beat a multi is a ****er, of course a monohull will never beat a multi, well, unless the multi sinks he he he, its like comparing trucks to formula one cars, mono weighs like 5 kg, whereas a multi weighs like 2kg, & probably carries just as much sail area. tell you what id love to see though, is a multi in real waves in 15-20 knots, now that would be funny.

I see said the blind man to the crippled nudist who put his hands in his pockets & promptly walked away.


Monohulls being able to outsail (speedwise) multis are very rare in fullsize sailing and non existant in RC.

The only monohulls that can take a catamaran to task in full size boats in most wind conditions are Scows. And the only reason scows can do it is that they are extremely light weight with huge sailplans so that they can plane upwind and enough crew to keep them from capsizing (most of the time).

At this point the only conditions where a typical RC monohull can outsail an RC multi is in drifter conditions. The extra wetted surface are of a tri in those conditions makes the difference.

I don’t think RC monos will ever be able to beat multi. It is technically possible to concieve of a planing RC monohull with some sort of tricky movable ballast to keep the boat weight low enough to allow it to plane in 4 or 5 knots of wind. But I don’t think it would be possible to control such a boat so that it would not capsize. The servos are just not fast enough.

Now, if you count sail rocket as a monohull (the leeward pod may not count as a hull) you might have a challenger on your hands…

  • Will

EDIT: Two more points that I should make:

  1. There were some examples here in the states of poorly designed RC multihulls showing up to race against top form RC monohulls. The multis got beaten badly. but if we assume that both the mono and the multi are well designed, then the multi would have the edge in everything but drifter conditions.

  2. Full size Foiler Moths and I14s are also able to beat multihulls in straight line speed and around the course. It is possible that a foiler RC monohull could beat a standard RC multi. I still doubt whether such a craft could be controlled with the speed of current servos so that the foiling would be stable enough to allow the boat to sail on foils consistently. Also if we allow foils for the mono, we should also allow foils for the multi (which we know already works and is relatively easy to control). In that scenario, I think the foiler multi would win.

Will Gorgen

I just keep hearing that a multihull is good only in straight lines and can not beat anything around the buoys. Probably from people who only claim to have seen a multihull.

Hoj & Will …

Unfortunately there have been many issues that seem to “allow” multihull people to “shoot themselves in the foot” - thereby showing a very poor performance to people who are strong monohull advocates.

The old 36 inch long trimaran from back in the late 80’s or early 90’s is an example of trying to build and race a small multihull - probably without the benefit or knowledge of the differences in design and sailing abilities. The next (terrible) example is the Victor Products catamaran with insufficient rudder or dagger board size. Add in the Dumas “hobie cat” disaster and it is easy to see why many/most find the performance of a multihull to be lacking. We then reach a point where most agree the larger the multihull, the easier to sail it - but most cannot affort the MicroSail cost for a foiler - or serious weeds at local ponds reduce the ability to sail an expensive multihull. By the way - the yellow trimaran in the video is available ready to sail from the German maker - for a mere $2400 or so - plus freight/shipping.

In the meantime, Ian Sammis is out there producing boats less than half that cost as kits - and of coursse a sufficient number of plans (some free) are also out there for anyone wanting or able to build their own boat. Assuming you shape a male plug from foam - your material costs for a single hull would probably be less than $20 in total (for carbon) - BUT - there is the uncalculated cost for your labor to build, lay-up and finish the boat. I am quite serious that I feel that an F-48/Mini40 could be built for less than $400 - depending on your ability to build. Now I agree there is a lot of hours required to actually “build” one - but there is a choice … buy or build.

In the meantime, speculation continues about performance and hopefully some of these will start showing up at local ponds. Honestly - if one is sailed well locally it will sell itself on it’s performance. Then down the road, it is just a matter of sailing the MultiONE’s against some hot US1M or IOM’s…the F-48 against a Marblehead or 10 Rater, or a 2 Meter … well nothing that big or fast out there. Sure multi’s will breakdown, have electronic problems, and may capsize if a new owner/skipper is at the sticks - but like anything else, when it is dialed in it will be hard to beat, and there isn’t any monohull r/c boat with similar size/performance available today.

A few years ago when we all first started over here. The people that had r/c multi’s were invited to sail them in an all boat’s regatta.

The multi’s didn’t perform well as the courses set were far to short, and the monohull guys weren’t playing by the rules(port and starboard etc).

The multi’s were all using number 2 rig’s which in the condition’s 5-7 knots did nothing to help the peformance of them.

At the time the person that had introduced the r/c multi to us, had us all convinced that number 2 rig’s were the way to go in all conditions.

The multi’s therefore didn’t make themselves all that interesting to the monohull sailors because of that time and the opinion of them over here hasn’t changed must.

Can’t tack. They don’t sail by the rules. Don’t sail well.

How things change.