a new club

check out the new web site for the start , of a new club,
tell us what you think and dont mince the words. if you hate it tell us , if you like it tell us. we have all but 5 members, but we are all sailors

i guess nobody has an opinion on the website


Sorry, but I did look at it right away. Looks great. Just narrow it up a bit and get rid of the surf bar at the bottom. I’ll surf around it and see just what ya got.

It’s good to see pictures! How many members in the club so far?

we started the club this summer and have 6 members. one of them a junior. he is 7 yrs old. AND get this. he has his first boat. he asked his parent for a paper route, this summer, and with the money he made, he bought himself he very first boat. he got a used victoria, for $30 . every member in the club voted last sunday to give him one of our old transmitter and servos, taylor turn around and says thank you. and i will pay you back. can you beat that. if he was my kid i would not be more prouder. i even told his parents what a great kid he has.
we have all kinds of boats, IOM us1 meters a 2 victorias and now hopefully 2 IACC20 class boats
the iacc20 page will be contsructed with picture and plans, so that people who are intrested can build along with me there own iacc20 boat
sound good?
greg you with the hartford club?

does anybody think sound is a good idea for a webpage?

on a completely personal point of view



Ps: nice one cougar

if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!


the new link to the IACC20 page will be up soon. and with drawing you can download and pisture on how to build one
if i can figure out how to add sound (cristopher cross sailing) i will. but so far nobddy has much opions on it. and i think that is a good thing. i guess.
i am not pushing anything so dont worry

Nice page - and nice pond. Our youngest regular sailor is also Chris at 7. He sails well, and placed 3rd in his first race…

There is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats. Kenneth Graeme, Wind in the Willows.

i geuss somebody is looking at it. aand thanks for taking the time to post a reply. i realy dont mind if ANYBODY says thing bad about it. you can say good thing s too:-)

Nice page. Nice pictures. Reminds me of where we sail in Boston. Willow trees, public park. Missed any mention of what part of the general world this is in.(I am half asleep)Always nice to see more people getting into R/C sailing.

Sure beats sittin around watching TV.

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greg you with the hartford club?

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Lloyd, I didn’t read this till now.
Yes, I am with the GHMYC. I do the website for the club also. [:-captain]

Hi Cougar
I just looked at your site and I was wondering if it was your first attempt at building a website?
If it was then congratulations on your first website.[:D][:-knockout]
I think it looks quite good, a few problems you may want to consider…shorten the margins and make the main picture of the boats sailing on the pond smaller so everything is symmetrical on the page. I have found while building websites that you must have a user friendly site…lots of information and things that stand out and grab your attention.
Putt it on as many search engines as you can.
You don’t have to pay for heaps of the search engines lots of them are free ie…yahoo,google etc, if you can get a big company to have you as a link on there own website then you will be on the big search engines anyway… and you don’t have to pay for it they do.
I built our website …have a look and get back to me if you want any help.[:-?help]
Once again congratulations job well done.
Publicity Officer
Qld R/C Multihull Owners Association


Very nice site! Keep it up!

Here is a link to our club in West Michigan. It is overdue for an update, though (and I see I need to fix some of the image links - whoops!):

Western Michigan Model Yacht Association

Oh yeah - you asked about sound. No, I agree with Wis - I am not a fan of music on a website. Music, goofy cursors, and animated gifs detract from site content, I think. I’d avoid those traps if possible.

The Other Matt

well the public (and my wife) have spoken there will be no sound on the web page,:frowning: but there might be sound on a linked paged:-)
not bad for somebody who does not know how to build one?