A little sad today

One of the downsides of moving from Auckland to Colorado is that I can’t bring my baby with me. Here she is being pulled from the water in Auckland. She goes onto a truck today to be moved to a yard where her new owner will be doing some restorative work. I’m going to miss her.

yes it’s sad…but think about the “new” baby!!

Yes Wis - I already have two RC projects in mind for the winter. I shall seek solace in workshop. I will not bother with a large sailboat here. Although there are J24s and such on the local lakes, after Auckland and the Hauraki Gulf, I just can’t see the point. Might get back into dinghies though. :slight_smile:

Mountain lake sailing in Colorado Rockies can be some of the most beautiful sailing in the world - but I concur - after moving from Lake Huron - it “sucks” to have to tack every few minutes due to inland lake shorelines. :bag: