A Footy gets Wet

Today was maiden voyage time for my Footy. It did pretty good, but I still have not figured out how to get my sails set right. Can’t find that sweet spot between where to attach the main to the jib sheet line. But, anyway it was FUN! and it did move in the water.

Well done Bob,
Pretty quick build so you have been going at it.
I put a small bowsie on my jibsheet so I can adjust the main/jib relationship easily.
Generally you will have your jib boom eased a little more than the main.

Break out the champagne!!

Looks terrific, Bob…well done. But I think if you’re going to make such small boats, we need to get you a zoom lens. :razz: Looks like a nice place to sail, too.

Try to adjust your sheets so your main pulls in close to the centerline when close hauled, and is as close to 90 degrees from center when running with the wind as your servo travel allows. Then adjust the jib as Brett says, to create the slot that gives that “sweet spot.” Small changes at a time on these boats until you find it.


Great stuff Bob.

I think perhaps you Footy sailors should commission Lester Gilbert to develop an analysis of sheeting angles for the average Footy rig :smile_lol

Thanks Guys! I feel like a proud poppa! I was not the picture taker; there was some discussion (but I let it go…). I am in Lake Arrowhead, beautiful place, except when my home burned in the forest fires two years ago.
Thanks on the advice on the sheeting, I will get it! I still have another hull too :-).