A Doug Lord Email

I was forwarded a copy of this e-mail and I thought the forum might like to read it. The only two parts that really need to be read are the Cc list and the part where Doug Lord Makes A personal Attack on Dick lemke. This shows Doug Lords true colors; he makes a ?snide? comment about Dick, and then has the audacity to make sure Dick gets a copy of the e-mail, on his home account.


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From: “Doug Lord” <lorsail@webtv.net>
To: <icsammis@cessna.textron.com>
Cc: <mjlemke@earthlink.net>; <david@pagedude.com>; <RMQueeQueg@aol.com>
Sent: Monday, September 01, 2003 10:20 AM
Subject: Multihull molds

> Ian, I have decided to 100% get out of the rc multihull business and
> will sell the molds including fin molds and hydrofoil molds for $1100
> plus shipping. I have a crate that was to be used for shipping
> boats so that won’t cost extra.
> What is being sold: Hull and Deck mold for X3/D4Z ; Ama hull and
> mold for X3 and F3. 56" hull and deck mold for F3 main hull.
> molds,rudder molds and fin molds. Also included the basic design and
> rights to use the Wing Tip Rig for multihull models as well as the
> design an technical consultation necessary for you to build a
> retractable foil X3 as well as the kit instructions(hand written with
> illustrations) for the F3 and any consultation need to successfully
> produce it. I’ll further agree, if necessary, to not compete in rc
> multihulls for a period of two years.
> These molds produce a fast hull with only the horizontal flange
> transom requiring finish work; you can spray primer in the mold (like
> gel coat) and so the boat is ready for finish paint after the flange
> filled and sanded; it is an extremely small flange seam.
> The main advantage of these molds is that the hull and deck are
> laminated AND bonded together at the same time creating a one piece
> structure and eliminating the bitchy work of trying to bond hull
> together outside the mold.Kevlar and glass tapes used for this job (I
> have almost two complete rolls) will be supplied.Additionally the
> are set up so that the fin trunks are laminated into the hull during
> layup and I’ll send along 6 completed trunks plus the set up rods.
> For an extra $350 I’ll send the molds for the 65" Flyer Cubed tri
> which the X3 main is the outside hull(ama). It has a molded position
> a spinnaker.
> I don’t want to build kits and am having a hard time finding a good
> painter; I’ve lost my painter of the last five years. Also ,I am very
> discouraged for the future of the F48 Class since I believe that Dick
> could give a rats ass whether or not the class is recognized by the
> and I think it is critically important for anyone manufacturing these
> models.
> Let me know soon… Doug
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