A Couple of

Well -

The past weekend and the “boys” were away from home. Wound up that two of us unleashed a couple of the “older ladies” for the enjoyment of just sailing. Both fall into the 36/600 class (traditional) but are by no means competitive with the carbon boats of today. Still, on a nice day and with a breeze they can show their heels as if it were yesterday. (SEE BELOW)

The two represent some years past - but they still have enough spirit to warrant getting them out now and then. Each are unique - but if you look closely, age lines can be seen.

To the left is a gal who in two months will be celebrating her 19th. birthday. This was my first effort at a scratch build back in the 1980’s, and the lines are based on a scaled down Marblehead series called <i><b>“WIND”.</b></i> She could use a bit more freeboard, and seems a little touchy when beating - having a very narrow set of tracks on which she rides to weather.

The other one, is a late 1970’s vintage model design, but spruced up a bit and built by her owner only 4 years ago. She is very wide in the “hips”, but has a hidden speed that belies her age and size. This design is the <i><b>“PeaPod”</b></i> and if memory serves me correctly, there is still a bunch of them sailing in Florida. While mine is strip built pine - the “PeaPod” is built from 1/8 inch (3mm) plywood in a stitch and glue fashion. Ease of building and extremely low cost provides an outlet for a new builder to give building a try, and it turns out a pretty responsive boat for it’s size and weight. This one, built to suggested plan specs weighs in at a portly 10 1/2 lbs. but she carries her weight well and the huge beam seems to compensate. When viewed from the bow, coming at you, it has a resembalance of an Aussie 18 Skiff!

I also have a lightweight “PeaPod” at home, but a miscommunication and I brought the wrong boat this year. Next year on our <i>“Boys Away Weekend”</i> I will dust mine off, and two of the others at the “get away” indicated an interest in a winter build project.

For this weekend, we contented ourselves to simply sailing all over the lake in rather gusty and unpredictable winds. A few imprompteau races if we paralleled each other, and also some time chasing the loons and ducks.

Thought some of you older subscribers to the forum might like seeing and perhaps remembering these older boats that continued to usher in the new designs and building materials. One often looks and shakes their heads in disbelief - hard to imagine either being “state of the art.” :lol:

Dick Lemke
F-48 #US-06
MultiONE #US-06
Class 3 Landyacht #US-196
Minnesota, USA

After a bunch of email requests - here are a few more photos of the “Old Lady”