A class inspired cat footy

I have been working on a new cat based on info obtained from last project . hulls have first coat of sealer, and in the process of locating components for best balance. servos and electronics will be housed in hulls, foils and sail design are on the drawing board .

while I no longer play with footies…Looks very sharp…

Is it a ‘box rule’ design?

I bet you could vacu-form some kind of servo tray with clear plastic.

hull length 11 7/8" , total width 5 7/8" , single rudder, the vacu-form idea would work for the AA batteries as the plan was to mount them on or just under the trappeze for quick access and weight shift for variuos weather conditions. 1/32" music wire bent to profile servo shapes installed in my gun type soldering gun makes a good foam cutter.