A bug in the works?

Could the administrator please have a look at this problem. Graham Elliott, who has been helping me sort out what is going to happen to the Liverpool Footy meeting, complains that though the forum recognises him when he logs on, he can’t post or access all the material. Is there a glich somewhere?


I too have a problem logging on, not with this Footy site but with its companion site RCSailing.com to which a link is available from this site. I am on dial-up (for $2.95 per month) and its slow, I admit, but I wait and wait for “http”(whatever that is!), but no joy whatsoever.
I have an equal problem with the Yahoo Footy site, it tells me that I must enable “cookies” using “code 0”, but my browser mentions ‘code 0’ nowhere, and all my available ‘clickers’ are set to accept ‘cookies’.
May I suggest to all site administrators that all this rigmarole of ‘passwords’ etc is essentially without meaning, and everything would be much more convenient if these little rituals were dropped. You KNOW who I am by my e-mail address, and what more do you NEED?
Razor 08 CAN

7 out of 5 :smiley: web administrators seldom write their own code. The web software is usually a canned and packaged program that comes as it comes. In the case of “public” or free sites - such as Yahoo - there is no way you will be allowed to mess with their internal codes, or re-write to your own ideas.

You can always turn off your cookies, but realize you will only be able to read - not post to the site ---- and often you will only have access to portions of the site.

You may also find that if you are coming in from a “low cost site” - that ISP might be identified as allowing SPAM to originate, and may have blocking imposed from sites you are trying to visit - possibly caused by people who decide to use the same dial up company to spread virus and SPAM. Finally, if you try to visit sites that have a lot of changing pictures, streaming banners, etc. - and you are on a modem/dial-up - it could be the cause of having to wait too long. You might try changing your browser to “text only” display which will let the web page load faster, but without graphics, photos, music, etc.

I use Firefox Mozilla for most all of my web site visits - except for Yahoo - where I have to use IE Explorer in order for it to accept my sign on for access to the RG-65 Class site.

I am well aware that 63.7% of statistics are made up on the spot, but I still have difficulty logging on.
As you probably can guess, I find most of the ‘jargon’ of computerese to be almost impenetrable. (I doubt that I am alone.)
But thanks anyway.

I ll go back and see if you can try a couple of fixes that have somewhat worked in the past.

Sometimes if it just started happening it can be a corrupt cookie in which case sometimes deleting (the rcsailing.net cookie) or all of your cookies will fix the issue.

Make sure that you are clicking the remember me checkmark.

I also just increased the inactive session time. Was 900 seconds now is 9000 seconds. See if that helps…

( Ill keep looking for some more possible fixes)

Dick, I have used Firefox exclusively for several years, and it logs onto Yahoo groups and mail, without incident.

Have the changes helped?