A Brat with a Boat

I thought I’d start my own thread…

I found some water in the radio compartment, so I left it open and the receiver on the table all night. It’s working fine now. Perhaps I’ll go to Office Max or Michaels and look for some rubber cement to waterproof the receiver.

I think the rubber seal around the rudder pushrod tore and let water in. It was breezy and rough last time I was out. What do you guys do for sealing these things?

“It was breezy and rough last time I was out. What do you guys do for sealing these things?”

Sail in Southern California!:slight_smile:

And I thought I was the wise guy:rolleyes:

I put some “Acid Free” rubber cement around the seams and holes in the receiver’s case once it dried out enough to work. A dab of rubber cement on the broken rubber seal seems to keep the water out.

If you get water in the receiver, it’s a good idea to rinse out your receiver with some distilled water. I think tap water is Ok too, but it has chlorine in it, which will corrode the electronics. The reason to rinse it with clean water is that no matter how “clean” you think the lake or pond water is, it’s got dirt in it. That dirt (and other organic stuff) gets in your electronics, and will damage things eventually. Salt water is even worse.

Maybe it’ll work ok for now, but if you get water in it a few times, the organics will corrode the electronics eventually. It sounds like you’re OK this time. That’s good. On top of all that, after drying out the radio stuff, it also helps out a lot if you can give it a coating of CorrosionX (or ‘Stuph’ in hobby stores.) It’s a dieletric fluid that displaces water better than WD-40, and it also protects. Some fast electric guys will even drill a hole in servos and fill the servo with the stuff.

The bottom line is that no matter how well you try to waterproof it, water will always get in there, so your best defense is to fix your boat to keep the water out.

Last I messed with RC was airplanes, and water was seldom a problem :wink:

I found the ground is not so much a problem with boats:)

Almost had to get wet at lunch. Seems to be a rock about 5ft from the edge here and I got the keel stuck.

The view from my office window:

People would laugh if I came in with wet pants:rolleyes:

Depends where they are wet:) :rolleyes: :slight_smile:


What lake in Libertyville do you sail at? My girlfriend?s parents live in Grayslake, and if memory serves Libertyville is the next town over.

Grays Lake is nearby.

I work in the “Hilltop” building right on Illinois 21 on the south edge of Libertyville. Where the “21 Grill” is.